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Alongside opal, October also has another birthstone: tourmaline.

In terms of birthstones, the month of October is a colourful one. In fact, it’s represented by not one but two gemstones: the opal and the tourmaline. While the first presents a kaleidoscope of colour in a single gem, the latter paints the whole spectrum through its countless varieties. The ancient Egyptians allegedly explained the tourmaline’s polychromatic potential with myth: as the stone emerged from the Earth, it passed through a rainbow and captured its colours.

Of course, science has since offered us a technical (but no less fascinating) explanation. Tourmalines really refer to a group of minerals that share the same crystal structure but are composed of different elements. Iron-rich tourmalines result in black crystals that are believed to absorb negative energy. Traces of lithium, meanwhile, bring out the brighter side of the tourmaline, producing hues like green, yellow and pink.

Rihanna wearing a Chopard high jewellery necklace in diamond and rubellite.
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The neon blue that you see in the extremely rare Paraiba tourmaline? That’s thanks to copper. As for the rubellite, which has often been mistaken for the ruby throughout history, it owes its vivid, crimson appearance to manganese. And we haven’t even gotten to the unexpected, multi-coloured types, like the watermelon tourmaline.

It’s no wonder that the jewellery world is so enamoured with the tourmaline — there’s one for every occasion, mood or taste. That only makes shopping for a gift for your loved ones born in October that much easier. Jewellers like Tiffany & Co. and Chaumet have played with the versatile gemstone, producing designs that bring out their many rich hues. Below, we’ve selected five jewels that truly showcase the multifaceted appeal of the tourmaline.

Header image credit: Tiffany & Co.

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