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Sleep under the dazzling lights of the auroras while surrounded by arctic glaciers

If Santa Claus were real, this would be his home: a heart-stopping topography of immaculate white and blue, grand mountains staring down with their blizzardy wonder, and the soft snow regularly falling from the sky, nipping the beholder’s nose. There are no castles, no flying reindeers, but for anyone who wishes to submit in a true-to-life arctic adventure, the Northernmost hotel of the world, North Pole Igloos hotel concept operated by Luxury Action may just be the perfect place to spend a bit of the eternal winter.

Svalbard, an icy town lodged within the border of Norway and the North Pole, is where the journey begins. The plane lands in a desert of ice, but spread across the glaciers are modern-day igloos, not like the ice-bricks drawn in old storybooks, but heated accommodations constructed with glass walls and removable blinds. The ceilings are made in a similar fashion, allowing one to have a full view of the white terrain and the gorgeous Northern Lights swaying from the evening sky.

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