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Trudging up Snowden or in your shower for TikTok, whatever the purpose of your Arc’teryx shell jacket may be, there’s always room in your wardrobe for a set of new spring-ready colorways.

Read it and weep – the climbers and hikers of the world, Arc’ is old news. Sure, the brand has had a huge surge in popularity within the mainstream over the last three years, thanks to the fashion industry’s full-steam-ahead adoption of the bird.

Several hands have played their part in ensuring the brands stayed seated in the spotlight. From Frank Ocean single-handedly inflating the price of Grotto Toque beanies to Drake and Virgil in matching LEAF camos and Jil Sander’s luxury rendition, fashion isn’t letting go just yet – perhaps to the dismay of many an OG fan.

Regardless of how you feel about Arc’s shell jackets – namely the entry-level Beta LT or street-level overkill with the Alpha SV – taking over the mainstream as a contemporary must-have, you can’t complain about new colorways.

Spotted on Peggs & son, and now the Arc’teryx main site, the much-loved GORE-TEX-equipt Beta LT has landed in two new colors that are perfect for the spring showers that will inevitably follow the cold and wet winter.

Both are shades of blue – the first being “Vitality,” which is a deep royal hue that feels perfectly in line with the visibility needs of hikers.

The second, “Ether,” has previously appeared within the Arc’teryx lineup as a women’s exclusive. This pale, sky-like blue is easily one of the best the brand has to offer, yet certainly lacks some of the practicality you’d seek with the jacket’s intended use. It’ll get dirty. Fast.

Since these new LTs popped up, additional seasonal colorways of the Beta AR have also appeared online. Again, blue takes precedence thanks to “Forcefield,” which, again feels like a classic piece of Arc gear. If blue isn’t quite your game, an updated version of the popular “Conifer” is also available, this time around featuring lime green contrasting zipped pockets.

In addition to these two popular flagship models, a new model simply called the “Beta Jacket” has been listed online, which comes with a lower price point and fewer features than the rest of the Beta lineup.

Sizes have already started to sell out across all models and colorways, but as we sift through winter, expect updated palettes across the brand’s most popular shells.

For now, you can shop the new Beta LTs via Peggs & son and Arc’teryx.