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Presented by WOLF.

Owners of high-end watches know how important watch winders are, especially owners of multiple fine timepieces. When not wearing them, watches can run out of power reserve, stopping their movement from advancing time. This is a nuisance for those who would like to put on any of their watches at any given time without having to reset the time.

For those in the know, WOLF is the go-to brand when it comes to watch winders. Started in 1834, WOLF is a five-generation family-owned company that knows exactly what watch collectors and owners are looking for. Through their selection of modern and technologically advanced watch winders, WOLF ensures that their customers’ watches are protected and perfectly wound at any given time.

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Setting WOLF apart from other watch winder manufacturers is their patented “Turns Per Day” technology. With every timepiece having a number of Turns Per Day required to be fully wound, WOLF watch winders count the precise number of rotations that each watch needs to ensure it’s perfectly wound and operating at optimal performance.

Keeping each timepiece locked in place in a WOLF watch winder is the company’s Lock-in Dynamic Cuff. These cuffs come in three sizes that are designed to fit any any band size so that watches placed into the watch winders lock perfectly into place.

One more fantastic feature regarding WOLF’s watch winders is the Return To Start functionality. This allows the user to return their watch to the exact position they chose to start winding in when the cycle is complete, giving them full control over their timepiece.

For more information regarding WOLF’s groundbreaking watch winders, be sure to click the button below to visit their website.

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