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Fashion’s cargo pants agenda has officially infiltrated bridal wear.

This week, Rosie Assoulin debuted a bridal collection featuring non-traditional picks including a bucket hat dotted with fabric flowers and — drumroll, please — a pair of high-waisted cargo pants made of white silk.

Assoulin’s decision to offer the wide-legged, big-pocketed bottoms to brides is indicative of the industry’s embrace of utilitarian bottom, originally intended as military workwear and later popularized in the ’90s. A slew of designers, from Tom Ford to Dion Lee to Jacquemus, have put their high-end spin on cargos, fueling a widely meme’d silhouette known as: Big Pants, Little Shirt.

It’s a trend most recently dabbled in by Kim Kardashian, who made headlines for pairing a hulking pair of cargos with a skintight tank top.

Other celebrities who have caved to the cargo: Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, and Bella Hadid (little miss Big Pants, Little Shirt herself).

Naturally, the look is resonating with TikTok, a staunch supporter of all things ’90s and early 2000s. The app is a veritable goldmine of Big Pants, Little Shirt content starring various incarnations of the pocketed-pant-crop-top combo.

Clearly, Gen Z is wedded to the silhouette — so it’s not entirely farfetched for Assoulin to propose the cargo as bridalwear. As a firm opponent of the traditional wedding dress, I’d certainly don the designer’s silky cargos to tie the knot.

So who knows — in 100 years time, fashion historians might point to 2022 as the year the bride wore a little shirt and big pants.

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