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If the convicted felon who stole a car in Tulsa, Oklahoma, early Thursday morning figured the 13-year-old boy sleeping inside wouldn’t either wake up or do something about the brazen theft, she was sadly mistaken.

What happened?

Around 4:45 a.m., the boy’s mother told police her Nissan was stolen from a parking lot at 4800 South Darlington Avenue with her son sleeping in the front seat.

The boy later said he woke up when the suspect — identified as Koleasha Pruitt — hit a curb. And that was when he realized the woman driving the car wasn’t his mother.

Police said the boy punched Pruitt several times in the face to get her to stop the car. KTUL-TV reported that the car crashed into a center median.

After Pruitt exited the vehicle, the boy locked the doors, police said.

And even though Pruitt several times threatened to taser the boy, it didn’t come to pass since she was locked out of the vehicle, police said.

At some point the boy called his mother and said the car was near 37th and Yale Avenue, police said, adding that the suspect ran off, but cops soon tracked her down her down.

The boy wasn’t injured, KTUL reported, adding that he is now back with his family.

What happened to the suspect?

Pruitt was arrested and booked into the Tulsa County Jail on charges of kidnapping after former conviction of felony, possession of a stolen vehicle after former conviction of felony, and obstruction/interfering with an officer.

How did folks react?

Commenters on the Tulsa police department’s Facebook page were overjoyed by the turn of events — and while a number were wondering why the boy was left alone to sleep in the car, it appeared the vast majority were impressed by the kid’s pluck:

  • “Look at that black eye!!” one commenter said in reference to Pruitt’s mug shot. “Job well done to the teenager!!!”
  • “Wow! Wonderful job 13 year old!” another commenter exclaimed. “Your mom should be proud. Your quick thinking potentially saved your life. Very very brave!”
  • “Good job kid! Fight back! Don’t be a victim!” another commenter wrote.
  • “Proud of that young man! Not only did he save himself, and his mom’s car, he saved everyone else from the woman,” another commenter declared. “He’s a hero!”