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On the third birthday since her passing, we remember the invaluable lessons Sari Yap imparted to us.

A wise, strong, and determined woman with a kind heart, this is how the friends of Sari V. Yap describe her. Nearly two years after her passing, everyone who knew her continues to celebrate the legacy she left—be it in the media and publishing industries and in the friendships she formed.

Today, we celebrate the third birthday of the One Mega Group founder since bidding farewell to us. Her treasured memories remain especially with those closest to her. We talked to some of her dear friends and asked for the wisdom or advice Sari parted to them that still resonates with them today. Recalling their cherished time with her confirms Sari’s discerning disposition in life—sharing strength and encouragement with everyone.

Some of the responses were edited for brevity and clarity of thought.

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LEFT: Len Olbes. RIGHT: Linda Ley.

Len Olbes

Sari towards the last few years of her life she enjoyed the quality, small crowd, and intimate people around her. She was not any more interested in the material world but seeking balance and inner peace, meditating on the energy and positive levels of each person. Exchanging experiences and insights with Sari made me feel the depth of one’s soul. At that time, I was also seeking balance and focusing more on spirituality, positive vibes on people, and striking a balance in life.

Linda Ley

Sari was a very wise woman. She always shared nuggets of wisdom with those around her. I remember how she told me to always have dignity and never to look down on myself no matter what the situation. To love oneself, be confident, and have self-respect are some of the most important messages from Sari that I will never forget.

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LEFT: Yoli Ayson. RIGHT: Yoli with Sari.

Yoli Ayson

Three years have passed since Sari went home to the Lord yet she still lingers in my heart. The closeness we shared was unknown to many. Sari was my best friend, my pillar of strength, my inspiration in difficult times, and my soulmate. She was both gentle and tough.

When my husband died, she held me close and never left my side until I was able to get my bearings. We would go on trips and private dinners—the two of us alone—to recharge or share quiet moments together, reviewing our lives, laughter, and tears. She accepted her single blessedness wholeheartedly but still had the courage to give love a try even if it did not last. She said, “no regrets!”

Sari Yap.

I watched her tenacity as she moved about in the world of business. I admired her zeal in pursuing her goals. She was tireless because, for her, everything was attainable.

Toward her final days, I witnessed her bear her agony with dignity and was touched by her humility in allowing me to see her at her worst. This time, it was she who needed me. My heart broke upon seeing her urn and not Sari laid out beautifully as she was in life. But then again, I whispered to her, “that’s not you, Sari because you are in my heart and that is where you will stay for always.”

Cris Albert

Sari was my good friend and confidante. We’ve been friends for more than a decade now. One thing great about our friendship is we never took advantage of each other. You can tell her anything and she’ll listen. In fashion, she’s simple but hip, joyful but not noisy, and her life was abundant but not busy. One thing she told me, “Life is short, Cris. You can’t afford to extend it to everyone… their energy may drain you.” I started to be cautious and appoint things and people that really matter—this was real learning.

Camille Fariñas

Sari has always been a ray of light, a beacon of hope, and a compass during the times you feel so lost. The most beautiful thing she shared with me is the importance of inner peace: harmony and balance within. I learned from her to learn to let go of the past and be at peace with your present, live in the moment and be grateful for every day you are given to breathe, laugh, and live with the people who matter most to you. She truly did know how to make life beautiful, inside and out. Her passion for love, her loyalty, and her zest for life were incomparable! You are sorely missed, Sari!