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This week, Australian electronics retail group Winning launched its new online furniture, bedding and appliances destination Andoo. 

And while the product range is more varied than some of Winning’s other businesses, and it targets more affordable prices, Andoo also represents a group mentality shift towards sustainability.

“We’ve always said our mission is to provide the best shopping experience in the world,” Winning Group’s chief marketing officer Sven Lindell told Inside Retail

“But moving forward, our mission is to provide the best, and most caring, shopping experience in the world, and for the world.”

Andoo offers to remove and recycle its customers’ old appliances and mattresses as part of its delivery process. Appliances Online, one of Winning’s online businesses, also takes and recycles appliances during the delivery process, and is one of Australia’s biggest recyclers of e-waste.

According to Lindell the group was already heading in a more sustainable-focused direction with appliances, and it made sense to expand this effort into other parts of the group. 

“We want to make sure we can offer the same amazing [recycling] service across all parts of the home,” Lindell said. 

“This isn’t about just doing what we know, it’s about revolutionising the way big, bulky items are handled and reducing the waste for not only our business, but for all communities.

“We want to leave the world a better place for our customers, our people, our communities, and our planet. And [Winning] is the vehicle for us to do that.”

While it’s early days, Lindell said Winning Group will soon unveil a new group strategy and website which will make its vision “a lot clearer”.

Winning Group chief executive John Winning said Andoo was created with a misag the planet and vulnerable communities. With this in mind, at launch, the business donated $500,000 worth of furniture to non-profit organisation Good360 to support flood-affected communities in New South Wales and Queensland.

“Andoo recognises the social and environmental challenges facing our planet, so this partnership [with Good360] works to take more action to improve the experience of the Australian communities that need our care most,” said Winning. 

Broadening the customer base

Andoo may sit well within Winning Group’s focus on the home, selling similar products to some of the group’s other businesses, but it is focused on a different customer segment.

“If you think of brands like Rogerseller and Winning Appliances, the proposition there is all about the premium, and we’re creating a premium environment in those stores,” explained Lindell. 

“But we’re now looking at scaling our operations to service in Australia [and New Zealand], and our online and digital channels are the way to do that.”

According to Lindell, Andoo, Appliances Online and Home Clearance will focus on being more affordable and accessible (being deliverable to over 90 per cent of the country), while Winning Group’s other brands will remain premium offerings.

The business’ upcoming ‘Winnings’ showroom, which will combine Winning Appliances, Rogerseller, and Spence & Lydas’ Redfern stores, will sit within the premium segment.

Winning Appliances general manager Harry Boileau told Inside Retail the new store would act as a destination for customers looking to plan and detail their renovation plans.

“This is definitely not a space where you come, spend $50 and walk out thinking ‘that was a good half an hour’. You’ll want to be fully immersed,” said Boileau.

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