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When I stepped into the new Bedrock Origin, I wasn’t expecting to eat dry-aged fish.

Isn’t seafood better when it’s fresh? Not always, says experts. Having the catch of the last week or month may sound counterintuitive, but dry-aging fish can improve its flavour and texture. The time-honoured method removes moisture, including residual blood and slime, from the carcass, thus eliminating any fishy odour. Enzymatic action tenderises the meat while amplifying its taste.

The Kühlbarra barramundi tail that arrived on our table has been aged for 7 days inside a temperature-controlled glass-door refrigerator. Lightly seasoned with salt and grilled in the oven, the fish is served with freshly-made chimichurri, charred lemon, roasted garlic and fresh thyme. Juicy, sweet, soft and meaty, it’s creamier and richer than all the barramundis I’ve ever had.

That terrific fish is exemplary of Bedrock’s expertise in coaxing out the best intrinsic flavours from great ingredients. For over a decade, Bedrock Bar & Grill at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites has delivered the fine steak cuts prepared using centuries-old, primal techniques, including the use of an applewood fire grill. Bedrock Origin at Oasia Resort Sentosa is an evolution of the restaurant-brand’s signature “primal dining experience”, with a more diverse offering that includes seafood, dry-aged meats as well as roasted harvests. In keeping with the hotel’s wellness leanings, the second Bedrock also offers plant-based meat alternatives and keto-friendly options.

Unsurprisingly, given the Bedrock DNA, steaks are at the heart of the menu: Japanese wagyu, USDA Prime and Australian grass- or barley-fed comes with various sauces and toppings (grilled lobster tail, pan-fried foie gras, white truffle butter and olive oil fried eggs). We had the Australian barley-fed bone-in striploin that has been dry-aged in-house for 21 days, then grilled over applewood fire. It comes sliced and resting on a hot pan, showing off its beautiful marbling and mouth-watering medium-rare centre. Each piece was subliminally and pleasingly beefy and juicy and perfectly delicious on its own.

To go with the two dry-aged stars, we start with a sprightly and delightful kingfish sashimi, lightly marinated in blended wasabi stem and sprinkled with puffed brown rice and a ceviche soy dressing composed of fresh lemon juice and chopped red chilli. Then there’s the legendary Bedrock Mac N’ Cheese with its luscious gorgonzola cheese and cooking cream sauce, housemade truffle compound butter, parmesan cheese and al dente maccheroni. A must-order whenever one’s in Bedrock, if you ask me. Fancy some greens? Bedrock Origin makes some wicked spicy brussels sprouts, which are first blanched, finished on the grill for a flame lick, tossed with cooked quinoa and dressed with chilli oil and lemon zest.

Sweets are modest in quantity and all promise a sugar rush. We have the palm torte, a chiffon cake made with gula melaka and frosted mascarpone cream cheese, accompanied by carrot-orange marmalade, brandy-infused walnut raisin tapenade and fresh berries. If we hadn’t hit our appetite’s capacity, we would’ve had Bedrock’s apple crumble and Bombe Alaska, which has white chocolate raspberry ice cream, cookies, chocolate pearls, meringue and rum.

While Bedrock Bar & Grill focuses on whiskies, its new sister outlet emphasises on fine wines, particularly on labels with single-origin grape varietals as well as certified organic and biodynamic bottles. Through a Coravin Wine Preservation System, there is an impressive array of vinos by the glass, from S$13++ to S$188 per glass). But if you fancy a whisky, the bar offers a tighter but premium range that also includes limited editions like the Woodford Reserve Master Collection Very Rare Fine Bourbon.

Away from the city, Bedrock Origin on Sentosa Island embraces a lighter, brighter, fresher vibe on the original Bedrock – from the food to the interiors. The new address makes for a lovely getaway for social lunches, romantic dinners and weekend soirees. Considering that the restaurant is also serving the hotel’s F&B needs, Oasia Resort just became a tad more appealing for an upcoming staycation.

(All images: Bedrock)

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