Whole Foods’ Predictions Combine Food, Beauty

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Food ingredients, including upcycled materials, are among Whole Foods Market’s predictions for clean beauty trends in 2021.

“Produce-aisle favorites are now playing starring roles in new beauty products,” according to the retailer. “From celery and mushrooms to blueberries, who knew that your go-to ingredients for juices, smoothies and salads could help your skin appear a little brighter and firmer?”

Whole Foods provided as example Cocokind’s Pore Refining Concentrate with celery, Acure’s Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Jelly Mask made with blueberry extract, and Derma E’s Ultra Hydrating Alkaline Cloud Cleaner with tremella mushroom.

Repurposed food ingredients are likewise showing up in beauty products.

“Think quality coffee grounds, discarded apricot stones, leftover argan shells – all ingredients that support your skin, while giving what would have been food waste, new life,” according to the retailer.

Products featuring upcycled ingredients include UpCircle’s Herbal Blend Face Scrub made with repurposed coffee grounds, Cleansing Face Balm made with repurposed apricot stone powder, and Face Moisturizer made with repurposed argan shell powder.

Other trends include beauty products packaged in solid, waterless formats; multipurpose balms which can be used for lips, cheeks, and cuticles; and clean beauty remedies in new forms such as masks and serums.

“The beauty industry has seen significant consumer shifts this year due to COVID-19, and our trends are a true reflection of these changes,” said Amy Jargo, global beauty buyer at Whole Foods Market, in a statement. “Customers are looking to streamline their beauty routines, while also seeking out brands that align with their values like those that limit their environmental impact with waterless and upcycled products. Beauty Week is the perfect time for customers to try these trending ingredients and products at a great discount.”

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Image: Whole Foods

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