Who is Blake Abbie? Know about the ‘Bling Empire: New York’ star's net worth, career and more

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Bling Empire: New York cast member Blake Abbie has been raising the fashion quotient of the Netflix show with his quirky and vibrant outfits. Owing to this, the journalist-turned-fashionista has created a fan following, which makes us (and certainly viewers too) wonder about his net worth, career and life. Here’s what we have found.

Released on 20 January 2023, the show takes the audience on a journey into the glittery lives of New York’s Asian elite social circle. Also starring Dorothy Wang, Stephen and Deborah Hung and Lynn Ban, among others, whose net worths run into several million, Bling Empire: New York rightly defines the ‘glam’ in ‘glamour’. From plush cars, mansions and lavish parties featuring high-end luxury designer labels, the cast of the show has many expensive things that viewers can spot during the show. Read on to find out more about Blake Abbie of Bling Empire: New York, including his net worth, parents, and more.

All the details about Bling Empire: New York cast member Blake Abbie

Blake Abbie’s net worth and career

Blake Abbie Net worth
Image credit: Blake Abbie/ Instagram

While Blake Abbie’s net worth is estimated to be USD 3 – 5 million, Netflix highlights his family’s wealth and says its net worth is around USD 20 million.

The 32-year-old began his career as a photography assistant. However, he changed his tracks to pursue journalism. According to The Cut, he is the editor-at-large of an Indie fashion magazine named A Magazine Curated By, which is extremely well-known among the who’s who of the luxury fashion world. It has had Simone Rocha, Eckhaus Latta and Kim Jones serve as its curators.

Abbie has also tried his hands at acting and has appeared in the noted 2018 Chinese series The Meteor Garden, which is adapted from the Japanese shōjo manga Boys Over Flowers (2001).

Additionally, the fashion aficionado is also a regular at high-end fashion shows and was recently spotted at the New York Fashion Week, walking the runway for Peter Do.

Blake Abbie’s early life

Image credit: Blake Abbie/ Instagram

Abbie was born to a Scottish father and a Chinese mother. While his father Robert was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, his mother is from Hangzhou, China. Sadly, Abbie lost his father on 2 December 2020, before the filming of Bling Empire: New York began. The series shows him express grief over his father’s demise, as he opens up about his family and childhood.

In an emotional Instagram post announcing the news on the same date, he wrote, “These past eight months has [sic.] afforded us time to enjoy each other’s company, reminisce and learn to love the present … His happy ritual was a simple cup of coffee and a newspaper. And in his last couple weeks, we were so fortunate to be able to do that together everyday.”

As per The Cinemaholic, Robert shifted to Canada as a young adult to take up professional soccer. However, he gradually entered the corporate world, and Abbie was born in Montreal, Canada. Later, Abbie shifted to Toronto and then Vancouver for high school.

According to The Cut, the Bling Empire: New York star studied classical music in college and set off to Paris for further training. However, to stay back in France, he needed an internship. This led him to give up his photography pursuit and turn his attention to the editorial segment, which would pave his way into fashion media.

As per Women’s Health Magazine, Abbie speaks English, French and Mandarin.

Blake Abbie is a queer advocate

During a 2023 Vogue interview with the cast member, the media outlet said that there is a sense of queerness to his looks. It also added that the maximum number of designers are also queer, and those who are not, have the right sensibility.

To this, Abbie, who identifies as queer, replied, “Totally. I mean, a hundred percent. I also wanted to be able to show different facets of being queer and queer dressing. It was important for me to not be pigeonholed into one trope or another.”

Speaking to Bustle about the pressures of having a family of his own, Abbie told his mother on the show, “Maybe I’ll have a kid by myself, maybe I’ll have a kid with someone,” adding, “I want to stay open to see who that person could be. It could be a man, woman, trans person, non-binary. I just want to be able to find someone that I love and care for that is reciprocal that cares for me. I just don’t know what my family’s gonna look like.”

As per Sportskeeda, Abbie is also working to raise awareness against the violence that Asians are subjected to across the world.

Blake Abbie’s dating history

Although very little is known about Abbie’s dating history, Sportskeeda says he doesn’t consider himself sexy and wishes to find a strong relationship where he can connect with the person on an intellectual level.

(Main and featured image: Blake Abbie/ Instagram)

Who is Blake Abbie? Know about the ‘Bling Empire: New York’ star’s net worth, career and more

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