Which Past ‘AGT’ Stars Will be Featured on this Year’s Show?

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Season 15 of ‘AGT’ was anything but conventional amid the COVID-19 pandemic with new bombs dropped each week. Now, there is another twist ready to shake up Season 16. A few past contestants will be returning to the show. Are they competing or are they just on set to boost morale?

Fan-Favorite Contortionist Sofie Dossi Returns to ‘AGT’ for Season 16

Sofie Dossi showed off her contortion skills during her Season 11 audition on AGT. After getting voted through to the Judge Cuts, guest judge Reba McEntire awarded her the Golden Buzzer. After shooting an arrow with her feet and hitting her target, Sofie was a force to be reckoned with on ‘AGT.’ She finished in the bottom half of the Top 10 in the finale. But honestly, Sofie did not need to win the show in order to find success.

Sofie has grown a massive social media presence since appearing on ‘AGT’ and had a brief stint on ‘AGT: Champions.’ She has 4 million Instagram followers, over 6 million subscribers on YouTube, and almost 10 million followers on TikTok. Sofie visited the set of ‘AGT’ Season 16 and decided to teach the judges some acrobatic moves behind the scenes. She even got Howie Mandel to flex his skills and do a headstand.


It’s pretty safe to assume that Sofie is way too successful to be competing on ‘AGT’ again. Instead, the producers probably decided that they could utilize her social media presence to gain even more viewership during the show’s June 1 premiere. Seeing Sofie return to the ‘AGT’ set is a huge morale booster for hopefuls looking to have their big break on the stage.

A Past Winner will Also be Returning to the Show

Kenichi Ebina, whose name is pretty much synonymous with incredible dancing will be returning to ‘AGT.’ He was declared the winner of the eighth season after combining martial arts, robotics, and hip hop, unlike anything the judges have ever seen before. Kenichi was also the first foreign act to win the show.

Fans were outraged after Kenichi was left off the list of the most viral 15 acts in the ‘AGT’ 15th-anniversary episode. His audition on the ‘AGT’ YouTube page has over 122 million views since it was posted. He has one of the most-viewed auditions of all time. After coming back for ‘AGT: Champions,’ Kenichi hosted his own Japanese talent competition show called Like The Best

Kenichi was pictured backstage at this years auditions posing with a unicycle group called UniCircle Flow. This group has been performing with his show EBIKEN. It is likely that he was just there to support this act during their big ‘AGT’ audition.

Novelty Act Sethward is also Slated to Return to ‘AGT’

Season 16 would not be complete without novelty act Sethward. We first saw him during his Season 13 audition wearing a caterpillar costume. He was booed during the act and received four red buzzers from the judges. In Season 14, he auditioned twice, once in a giraffe costume and the other as a walrus. This time, Mandel voted “yes” to send him through but the other judges were not fans.

Sethward will be returning to ‘AGT’ for Season 16. While we can go ahead and assume that he will be auditioning again with another outlandish costume and routine, returning acts on this show always surprise us. There is no telling what he will do this time.


Catch all of your favorite returning acts when Season 16 of ‘AGT’ premieres on June 1 on NBC.

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