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What’s Christmas without nibbling at stollen and panettone? Here’s where you can get Christmas cakes in KL (continuously updated). 

Said to have its origins in the Roman empire, panettone is a type of Italian sweet bread customarily prepared and savoured for Christmas. The word derives from panetto, translated to a small loaf cake, while the suffix -one augments the original word to take on a new meaning. While early history points towards a Roman creation, panettone only truly took flight in the early 20th century when two adversarial Milanese bakers gave the traditional dessert its modern form.

A tall, domed silhouette and a light, airy texture, panettone is an essential element in the contemporary celebration of Christmas. According to Reuters, Italian bakers produce hundreds of millions of panettoni every Christmas. The ferocious Italian domestic law requires the bread be made from butter and brewer’s yeast. This, however, doesn’t apply to exports and those made abroad catering to local tastes – specked with fragments of candied, dried fruits, anyone? – and dietary restrictions.

North of the Alps, Germans honour Christmas traditions with an icing sugar-dusted fruit bread containing nuts, spices and dried fruits, called stollen. While contemporary stollen is orchestrated from a symphony of ingredients, the original stollen purposefully prepared for Christmas was baked for the first time at the Council of Trent back in 1545. The recipe then comprised flour, yeast, oil and water. Though not a ubiquitous sight like panettone, stollen has found its way to a wider reckoning across the globe in recent years. For those who are yet to be initiated, are you intrigued? 

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Where you can get the best artisanal stollen, panettone and Christmas cake in KL:

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