When It Comes To True Love, Age Is Just A Number, And These A-List Celebrity-Couples Are Proof!

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Relationships in Hollywood have always fascinated us. As difficult as it may be to have and maintain one, with all the added pressure of the paparazzi and the spotlight, some couples have managed to make an exception. Even if they were born years apart, they just keep on proving that age is just a number.

These A-list celebrities should clearly be on everyone’s couple-goals. They’ve worked past their differences and the difficulties along the way, only to create some of the most jealous-worthy bonds that Hollywood has to offer. We couldn’t help but wonder how they do it, so here are some of their secrets!

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa – 12 Years

Even though Lisa Bonet hasn’t undertaken an actual project since playing on Ray Donovan in 2016, she never left the spotlight. That’s not just because she’s an excellent actress, but also because of her relationship with the equally talented and beautiful Jason Momoa. They’ve been dating since before he got his big break.

They started seeing each other in 2005. Momoa was a big fan of Lisa from The Cosby Show. In 2007 they welcomed their first child and their second a year later. They only tied the knot, though, in 2017, a year before Jason starred in Aquaman. He’ll be revisiting that character for Aquaman 2.

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