When It Comes To True Love, Age Is Just A Number, And These A-List Celebrity-Couples Are Proof!

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Relationships in Hollywood have always fascinated us. As difficult as it may be to have and maintain one, with all the added pressure of the paparazzi and the spotlight, some couples have managed to make an exception. Even if they were born years apart, they just keep on proving that age is just a number.

These A-list celebrities should clearly be on everyone’s couple-goals. They’ve worked past their differences and the difficulties along the way, only to create some of the most jealous-worthy bonds that Hollywood has to offer. We couldn’t help but wonder how they do it, so here are some of their secrets!

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness 13 Years

They were both born and raised in Australia, Hugh Jackman in Sydney and Deborra-Lee Furness in Melbourne. They didn’t actually meet each other, though, until 1995 when they were asked to play on Correlli, one of Jackman’s first-ever roles! Of course, that’s not very surprising given that they were born 13 years apart.

Regardless of their age difference, they must have felt for each other in an instant. They were only dating for around a year before they exchanged vows in 1996. Since tying the knot, they went through a couple of miscarriages before deciding to adopt. Now they have two beautiful children. Meanwhile, Jackman will be playing on Reminiscence.

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