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In the span of a week, Kanye has listed his Wyoming ranch, lunched with Anna Wintour (in Crocs, no less), dropped some YEEZYs, performed at Alexandre Arnault’s wedding, buzzed his hair, and got a name change. Phew, take it easy!

Late this past summer, Kanye filed to change his name to “Ye” with no middle or last name but it took until October 18 for a judge to officially grant his request.

If this was anyone else, it’d be hard to describe the name change as anything other than “baffling.” I mean, who do you think you are, going for the mononym like Prince or Cher?

This is just another week for Kanye, though, or should I say Ye? That’ll take some getting used to.

I mean, within the past few months alone, he recreated his childhood home in a football stadium and stopped showing his face in public so, really, it’s not the wildest thing Kanye’s done in even recent memory.

Not totally surprising that Kanye pulled up to Arnault’s wedding, either: when you’re the son of ultra-billionaire Bernard Arnault, it’s pretty easy to book anyone you want.

By now, we’ve numbed ourselves to most of Kanye’s antics — constant exposure will do that to ya. Still, gotta say that his new haircut is nothing if not eyebrow-raising.

In a rare Instagram post, Kanye took a bright snapshot of the back of his head, showcasing a truly, um, distinctive hairstyle with jagged patches of hair broken up by large swathes of bare scalp.

Some commenters on Kanye fan pages claimed to see words like “Ye” shaved into his dome but I think that’s a stretch.

Kanye’s pretty into hair experimentation — remember, he’s gone blond and gone angular — but this is quite a departure from the norm.

Fans have been keen to follow their idol by imitating his avatar or wearing a photo of his mother, will anyone dare take on the #KanyeHaircutChallenge?

If not, they can still follow Kanye’s lead by hitting up their local McDonald’s for lunch, as he did while in Berlin.

There, according to fan account @dondasplace, Kanye reportedly ordered a Chicken Tasty — a European-exclusive sandwich — medium french fries, large caramel frappe, large chocolate milkshake, 3-pack of hot wings, and a whopping six barbecue dipping sauces.

That’s two sauce packets per wing and two giant drinks, for those keeping count.

Meanwhile, as his soon-to-be ex follows Kanye’s Balenciaga lead, costumes of Kanye and Kim all dolled up have begun trending ahead of Halloween.

Even with the spookiest day of the year in mind, though, the scariest part of the month could very well be Kanye’s new ‘do.

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