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The French label is also announcing a new silhouette

Jeon Somi was just announced as the newest brand ambassador of French fashion label Lacoste.

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To mark the occasion, Lacoste will show creative visuals with fashion & culture magazine Dazed Korea. The project blends Somi’s uniquely stylish image with Lacoste’s new fashion-sport silhouette in an active and elegant style.

“I love the colorfulness of Lacoste,” says Somi. “To me, it represents different ages, races, and genders uniting together! We are one. I am really glad that I am able to communicate this story as the brand ambassador and look forward to the exciting journey with Lacoste.”

Somi is the final winner in season one of Produce 101, a popular K-POP audition program. Her most popular songs include “DUMB DUMB” and “XOXO.”

This is a particularly special year for her as she won ‘Best Performance Award’ at the Golden Disc Awards. She is also active in commercials, TV shows, and social media and is highly in demand by GenMZ for her trendy and stylish image. She has more than 14 million followers on Instagram, which demonstrates her power as a K-POP idol.

In the campaign, Somi is seen wearing the bra top, track pants, dress, windbreaker, and various other items of Lacoste’s new look on/off the court.

“Fashion-sport” is Lacoste’s new silhouette launched in this year based on the brand’s strong sports DNA created by Louise Trotter, the brand’s creative director.