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spotify pie chart

Darren Huang, a student of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), has launched a website called ‘Spotify Pie Chart.’ It is inspired from the Spotify ‘Wrapped’ feature, which analyses and shows the artists and music explored by users, throughout the year.

This free site is not affiliated with Spotify and can be accessed anytime. However, it works only if you have a Spotify account.

Its main page features a witty tagline — ‘Bake Your Monthly Genre Pie’ — indicating monthly updates based on what you listen to, on the music-streaming app.

What we know about the Spotify Pie Chart website:

What is a Spotify Pie Chart?

This third-party tool collects data from all the music consumed in a Spotify account, and develops a pie chart based on the findings.

Once you sync your app with the tool, you can see a colourful chart with details about different genres of music, including post-grunge, nu-metal and album-rock, which you hear every month. To make it more user-friendly, Huang has highlighted the genre each colour represents, below the graph.

Right below this, artists have been ranked based on decreasing order of frequency, too. As per this, your go-to artists of the month feature on the top of the list in bold and large fonts, while the occasionally-heard artists appear at the bottom of the list, in smaller fonts.

How to view it?

To access this website, log in with your Spotify account, using your mobile, laptop or desktop.

You will be directed to an agreement page to enable access of your listening history, so that the tool can begin analysing it.

Once allowed, the tool will sync the account and generate your pie chart. You can also take screenshots of your customised pie charts and share them with loved ones across social media platforms.

Main and Featured Image Credit: Ivan Samkov/ Pexels

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