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Caviar is a delicacy that is eaten all around the world. From Osetra and Sevruga to Salmon and Kaluga caviar, you can choose the type you want to eat the most. But, can caviar be made from lobster roe, and what is lobster caviar? Read our article and learn more about caviar.

Even though only sturgeon roe is considered to be real caviar, it can be prepared from lobster, too. It is made from roe that is extracted from the body’s base and along the tail of female lobsters.

Person cutting the tail of a lobster

What Is Lobster Caviar?

Tiny lobster eggs that can be found in female lobsters are called “coral.” It can be found at the base of the body, at the bottom of the lobster’s tail. When it is uncooked, it is black, but the color can be different depending on the food the lobster eats.

This roe is eaten like a delicacy, and it can be considered caviar since many companies use lobster roe and sell it to customers as “lobster caviar.” But, it should be noted that true caviar is thought to be the only fish roe that comes from wild sturgeon.

Since lobster corals are eggs, they are found only in female lobsters because male ones don’t produce eggs. Also, there are specific species that contain eggs in their tails. You won’t be able to find roe in every species. 

Can You Purchase Lobster Caviar?

You can most commonly run into lobster caviar online. Jars of orange lobster roe are sold in jars containing 50 grams of the purest product. The delicacy can be added to any dish for an exquisite taste and unique texture. Chefs use it for the purpose of garnishing different meals. One jar of lobster caviar costs approximately $10.

Caviar on bread

How Do You Remove Roe From the Lobster?

One can easily remove the eggs from the lobster. First, take a knife and use it carefully at a slant angle. Make sure that you find the roe under the tail. Use a sharp knife to slowly drag it around the eggs. Once you cut around the eggs, you can remove them with a spoon. Then place them in a bowl if you later want to prepare the corals with butter. In case the roe is in the abdomen, you can just as easily slice and take away the roe with a spoon.

Lobster on a wooden table

How Should You Use Lobster Roe?

The best way to prepare and serve lobster roe is to put the eggs in a large bowl and whisk them lightly to break them up as much as possible. Then, take some butter and heat it over medium heat until it becomes warm. Then, pour the warm butter into the bowl with roe. Next, you can whisk again until the lobster eggs become bright red. This is how to prepare the mixture with lobster roe that can be served with shellfish or lobster as well.

How should you eat caviar? The best way to eat the lobster roe is to have it cooked a little bit before eating. By pouring hot or warm butter, you can quickly cook the roe and enjoy it with other dishes.

How to Serve Lobster Caviar?

There are rules when serving any type of caviar, and lobster roe is not an exception. If you want to prepare a truly tasty meal, you should use our serving guide and take into consideration how many guests you’re going to have. The necessary information is presented in the table below.

TSP OZ/G Guests
4 1/28 1
8 1.75/50 2
9 2/56 2
16 5.3/100 4
25 5.5/156 6
40 9/250 10
80 17.6/500 20

What Does Lobster Caviar Taste Like?

How does the roe taste? The roe from female lobsters has a rubbery texture, while the taste is typically described as juicy and salty. Fresh unfertilized eggs are usually not eaten raw, and it is the most delicious when it gets turned into an orangey shade after pouring warm or hot butter on them.

Most people who have tried the raw corals have pointed out that there is not a significant taste and that the roe is a bit bland. But, it’s true that everyone has different preferences, and you have to try for yourself and see whether the roe is appetizing.

Caviar in a bowl

What Are the Benefits of Eating Lobster Corals?

The entire lobster is a source of valuable nutrients, especially the corals. Some of the main benefits include:

  • The lobster eggs are rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins.
  • The corals contain unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 that can aid in lowering blood pressure.
  • It is a great addition to a diet for anyone who is searching for a meal that will help with weight loss.
  • Healthy brain development can be boosted with Vitamin B12 from lobster corals.

Are There Any Cons of Eating Lobster Corals?

Even though there are numerous health benefits that come with eating lobster roe, it should be mentioned that there are certain drawbacks as well. For instance, diners that are allergic to shellfish should not consider consuming lobster roe since they might get an allergic flare-up. Also, if it isn’t properly cooked, it can have a bland and bad taste.

Black caviar

Ready to Try Lobster Roe?

Lobster can be an appetizing and flavorful meal, but if you want to get the most health benefits out of a lobster, you should try to cook lobster corals, the eggs of female lobsters. They can be easily removed from the lobster tail and then mixed with hot butter in order to turn the roe into an orange color. The taste is juicy and salty, and it doesn’t vary a lot from other caviar varieties such as Beluga roe, Salmon, and Osetra caviar. The best way to get a taste of corals is to serve them with any type of shellfish or on bread.