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Though promise rings aren’t a new concept, they have only gained popularity in the past 40 to 50 years. But what are promise rings? A promise ring is given to someone as a symbol of commitment. It is a way to prove your devotion and your love to your partner. Many people question the need for a promise ring when in essence, isn’t an engagement ring the same thing? It’s a promise to marry.

Promise rings have been around as early as the 1600s. At the time they were known as “poesie” rings. These rings were especially popular and had romantic sentiments, friendship vows or inspirational messages engraved into them. Promise rings as we know them today, however, didn’t get their name until the 1970s. Promise rings are more about sending a message so the price of the ring isn’t important.

What Are Promise Rings?

Swarovski Vittore Marquise | Rhodium Plated | White | Ring | 52 5366579

The Swarovski Vittore Marquise ring is a fantastic example of a promise ring. The metal band of the ring is rhodium-plated highlighting the chic design. Seven marquise-cut crystals are set on the band. The ring is a size 52.

garnet ring

Elements Gold 9ct Yellow Gold Garnet Celtic Style Ring GR467R

If you’re looking for a piece that your significant other can wear more often, we suggest this Elements Gold ring. The band is made of 9 carat yellow gold. An oval garnet gemstone is set in the centre. The garnet is bezel set. In addition, the ring features simple tear-shaped detailing on either side.

silver infinity ring

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Infinity Ring 52 D_TR0003-725-14-52

Do you want to promise your partner an eternity of happiness? We have the perfect ring for you. This simple, everyday peace encompasses the sentiment of forever beautifully. The band of the piece is made of sterling silver. The band itself is a series of infinity symbols connected to make a circle. The infinity symbol in the centre of the band is set with white zirconia crystals. The size of the ring is 52 or M.

What Are Promise Rings?

IBB 9k Yellow Gold Emerald Cluster Ring 1.84.101E

If you’re after a more high-end and luxurious piece, we suggest this IBB ring. The band is made of 9 carat yellow gold. The intricate design of the piece comes from the setting of the stones. In the centre is set an oval-cut emerald. On either side of the emerald are set 3 smaller emeralds in a triangle form.

What Are Promise Rings?

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Vintage Stones Ring | Size 54 (UK N) TR2347-051-14-54

If you’re looking for a jewellery piece with a more traditional “engagement ring” or “promise ring” style we suggest this sterling silver ring by Thomas Sabo. The white cubic zirconia set on the otherwise simple bang elevate the design of the piece. Five of the crystals are rectangular and vary in size, with the larger stone set in the centre and the other four, on either side, reducing in size. At either end, the design is completed by a small round-cut crystal. The ring is a size 54.

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