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Everybody has to start somewhere and especially when we’re talking about TV! In case these faces bring back something from the ‘90s and ‘00s, that’s simply because they were all over TV back then. Ever wondered what our old favorite soap-opera actors are doing today?

Unsurprisingly, some have made a transition to Hollywood, while others have quit acting altogether. Whatever the case is, we’ve made a list filled with the actors who’ve raised us with their performances. Either we’re a fan of Neighbours, Home and Away, or McLean’s Daughters, we were blown away hearing what’s happened to some of them!


Luke Mitchell As Romeo Smith, Home And Away

Despite the recently acquired facial hair, Luke Mitchell has arguably hardly changed since he was portraying Romeo on Home and Away. He was probably expecting to achieve stardom through the show, but hardly did he know that he’d meet his future wife there too! He got married to Rebecca Breeds, who was playing Ruby, in 2013.

Mitchell has never stopped acting, unlike other cast-members we’ve seen so far. In fact, for 2021, he’s going to be playing on the Without Remorse film, and according to IMDb, on a series called The Republic of Sarah. He’s reportedly worth $25 million at the moment.