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The world lost a mighty Queen, leaving millions across the world devastated. Mercury has begun it’s mischievous retrograde journey, bringing chaos wherever it goes. Heaven knows how it will affect newly appointed King and what his reign shall bring. However, for those of us who aren’t born to royal blood, the stars have powerful messages of love and hope that have been lovingly divined by the Tarot in this weekly horoscope. These have been blessed by the Angels to help us navigate through the week ahead and make the most of all the opportunities that ‘The Universe’ sends our way.

September 2022 horoscope for the week

Aries weekly horoscope

Weekly horoscope

As much as we enjoy taking mighty leaps of faith, it’s sometimes important to just look where exactly you’re going. After all, nothing defeats our momentum than a loose pebble that can cause us to trip and fall. Yes, you know you’ll be able to get back up and start again, but why go through that ordeal again, when it could have easily been avoided had you paid attention? Thus, it would be wise to spend some time in the act of planning. Not only will it help things go all the more smoothly, but it’ll ensure your success all the more surely.

It’s also important that we learn to listen to the sage advice of those who genuinely are on our side. Even though you may think you know best, it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind (and ear) to fresh perspectives. Thus, value the advice you’re given. Just be sure to know the difference between genuine concern and negative reinforcement. The former has your best interest in heart, while the latter comes from a place of jealousy and bitterness. Use your discernment wisely.

Taurus weekly horoscope

Weekly horoscope

A home isn’t just about four walls and a roof. Nor is it about the furnishings, and the assets stored safely – those that have been declared, and those that haven’t. A home is about the people who stay in there, and the kind of relationship we have with them. This week is all about trying to strengthen them with love. If there are any misunderstandings, unresolved issues, or even major feuds – be open to addressing them and find ways to heal them. It may not be easy, especially with Mercury going retrograde, but it’s always important to try.

If you live alone, then perhaps it’s time to improve upon the relationship you have with yourself. After all, if you’re unable to love yourself, how will you be able to love anyone else? Even if your family doesn’t live with you, try finding ways to connect with them. A lot of healing can occur within your circle of loved ones, as well as, within yourself. It can be a scary journey, but if you decide to work on them – the results can be absolutely lovely. Find ways to celebrate your loved ones. Even just telling them how much you love and appreciate them can be a powerful experience for both of you.

Gemini weekly horoscope

September 2022 horoscope

Yes Gemini, Mercury is in retrograde, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be swept up by the chaotic winds that howl through your soul and haunt you at night. Avoidance is never the answer. It can be a temporary bandage, but left on too long, it can disinfect and cause wounds to fester away. This week is all about removing the self-imposed blinders and face all that scares you – especially confronting people and responsibilities you’ve been keeping at bay for reasons you know best. It may not be pleasant, but sometimes it’s best to get them over with than drag them out.

Be mindful of the words you use. What may seem trivial or casual, might affect others adversely. Rather than brushing it off with a, ‘It was a joke, get over it!’ – try applying some empathy and mindfulness. Not only will it prevent you from digging your own proverbial grave, but it might just enable you to heal and deepen your bonds with love. It’s also best to actually pay attention to not only the words people use with you, but also the intention behind them. This way you can avoid severe conflicts and misunderstandings, as well as, maintain a sense of peace and harmony in your life.

Cancer weekly horoscope

weekly horoscope

The powerful full moon of the past week has opened portals of love directly to you. This week brings with it the power for you to manifest that loving into your life by being brave and expressing what’s truly in your heart with those whom you love and care about. No one can read your mind, and not everyone has the bandwidth to understand the subtext of your riddles, facial expressions, and subtext filled sighs. To deepen and strengthen that love, it’s so important that you start expressing yourself in a manner that’s clear, concise, direct and to the point.

Yes, Mercury is in retrograde, and thus communication as a whole can be tricky. However, it’s so important that you have faith not only in yourself that you’ll be able to express what’s actually in your heart, but also have faith that your loved ones will be able to understand, empathise, as well as, love you no matter what. Communication is what allows a relationship to breathe. Without it, even the most stable relationship can suffocate and implode. Thus, if you wish for love to constantly grow and prosper in your life – you truly need to let your heart speak freely. Just remember to do so with love.

Leo weekly horoscope

Leo 2022 horoscope

Sometimes, we get hurt and feel pain – and that’s okay. It’s part of what makes us human. Yes, you are a divine solar child who rules mightily from your throne. However, heavy is the head that wears the crown, and part of being a great ruler is knowing how to not only deal with unpleasant situations, but to navigate through them successfully. Through that, not only do we become stronger individuals, but we learn to appreciate the goodness and love that’s within our lives for all the magic they bring. Pain can be cathartic, provided we allow ourselves to face it.

When we learn to bravely face the pain and the darkness, we learn important lessons about who we are. The more we avoid processing and dealing with pain, the more we remain ignorant of our true strength and capabilities. That doesn’t mean we have to go searching for painful moments – the human experience brings them automatically. It just means we have to learn to navigate through them, without letting them rob us of the brilliant light that we’ve been born with. Pain allows us to gain knowledge, but the journey of overcoming it brings with it great wisdom.

Virgo weekly horoscope

Virgo zodiac sign

Dear Virgo, it’ time you learned how to gracefully ask for help. Yes, you’re perfectly capable of doing everything by yourself. In fact, you’re probably able to do everyone else’s work better than they ever could. But why take on so much trouble? As much as you like keeping yourself busy, and take great love in fixing everything and everyone around you – as yourself, “What am I avoiding in and about myself that I’m willing to suppress it all by taking on more responsibilities?”

Take your time with that answer. When it’s finally revealed to you, it might create an entire ‘perception shift’, that could either bring great amount of clarity or just open up a mighty can of worms. It all depends on how you handle receiving that revelation. Just remember that it doesn’t need to be a lonely journey. There are plenty who love you, and are waiting to help you out – in the earthly, as well as, in the divine heavenly realms. All you have to do is let go of this crippling need to do everything by yourself, and just ask for help. Doing so will not only make you stronger, but all the more happier.

Libra weekly horoscope


This is a week to protect what is rightfully yours. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labour. However, all things worth valuing need to be protected – especially from eyes that are blinded by greed, jealousy, and envy. This is why, it’s so important to maintain healthy boundaries. This way, not only are you protected from proverbial and literal ‘evil eyes’, but you have enough breathing space to grow and prosper. There’s a whole world out there for you, but it can’t be explored for the possibilities it possesses if you keep yourself isolated.

There’s a big difference between building boundaries and walls. Both can protect you, but the latter can cause us to be cut off completely, and be trapped in our own self-imposed prison – turning even the most lush Garden of Edens into toxic cesspools. Avoid getting into traps of paranoia. Yes, there are ‘evil eyes’, but there are also plenty of ‘loving eyes’ that are possessed by those who genuinely care about you and want the best for you. Allow them to enter, and take their help whenever you need it.

Scorpio weekly horoscope

Weekly horoscope

A lonely heart achieves nothing, Scorpio. It only increases feelings of bitterness and regret within our energy field. We may think we’re trying to safeguard ourselves, but in actuality, we’re only causing us to be shipwrecked on our metaphorical (and literal) island of discontent. Isolating can sometimes be a powerful way of self-soothing wounds that go deep. However, too much of it, can cut us off from those who genuinely love and care for us. At the end of the day, our loved ones are blessings we have received from ‘The Universe’. Trust them.

Many a times, we believe that no one can truly understand our pain. Sometimes our trauma may seem so mighty, that we feel it may unnecessary burden others if we share. However, it’s so important you know that bottling things up will only create a toxic environment within our own inner-universe that will eventually creep out and infect the world around us. Emotions are like water, and water is it’s freshest when it’s free-flowing like a mighty river. Blocking that flow will only cause impurities to build up and make home for monsters to dwell in it’s dark depths. If need be, speak to a qualified therapist to learn how to process and express your emotions.

Sagittarius weekly horoscope

Weekly horoscope

Sometimes, all we can do to make sense of the crazy times around us is to put ourselves to work. After all, being productive can prevent us from dwelling on the chaos, and giving ourself a sense of purpose can actually enable us to navigate through life all the more smoothly. After all, idle hands are the devil’s plaything, and an idle mind is a magnet for unnecessary chaos. In many cases, it can even prevent us from procrastinating, and finally get things done – enabling us to successfully cross things off our ‘to-do’ list, and thus take time to smell the roses.

Trouble is when we have nothing more to do, and we’re stuck dealing with all the things we’ve been trying to avoid. Yes, it’s important t be productive, but if we use it solely as an avoidance tactic, then we eventually burn out. Think of it like pushing a mighty brick wall. We may think we’re keeping ourselves busy by pushing that wall. However, at the end of it all, the wall is still there where it is – looming over us, as we collapse due to sheer exhaustion. Thus, it’s important we address our issues head on and strive to resolve them.

Capricorn weekly horoscope


It’s important for us to realise all the success in the world is meaningless if we have no one to share it with. As tempting as it may be to focus completely on fulfilling our dreams and ambitions, we must remember that our heart and soul have needs of their own too. To ignore them can only lead to us drowning in a sea of loneliness. Thus, it’s important that we include our loved ones in our journey. If nothing else, they can at least keep us company and provide much needed moments of joyful relief. By keeping the love and welfare of our loved ones in mind, all our efforts shall have a greater meaning.

There are many who are willing to help us in whatever way they can. We just have to let them and trust that they’ll be able to. Spend time with your loved ones. Speak with them. Listen to what they have to say. That doesn’t mean you have to be the designated ‘agony aunt’. The fact that they love you, means they have to ability to lighten your load. There’s nothing to feel guilty with regards to unburdening your soul. It’ll only ensure you reach your goals all the more successfully, while still enjoying the journey along the way. Just be sure to maintain healthy boundaries. Doing so is a powerful act of self love.

Aquarius weekly horoscope

weekly horoscope

Sometimes, your silence can be more powerful than even the most inspiring speeches. After all, there’s a reason that speech is silver, but silence is golden. That doesn’t mean you have to cut yourself out completely. Au contraie, it just means that it may be wise to keep your cards close to your chest. Not everything needs to be revealed, and neither is it anyone else’s business. Sometimes, we need our moments of silence to process our reality and all that has happened. Silence can bring great clarity, which eventually leads to great healing.

However, to master silence, is also knowing when to speak up, and how much to speak, and what exactly it is to say. Especially during this time of Mercury’s chaotic retrograde, it’s important that we learn to mindfully measure our words. The wrong turn of phrase, or even a careless slip of the tongue, can create unnecessary conflict by triggering messy emotions in others through no fault of your own. However, when you see injustice happen – speak up with courage – mindfully.

Pisces weekly horoscope


Sometimes, dear Pisces, all we can really do is move on. When all else fails, and no amount of empathy and careful understanding is getting us anywhere – it’s important to walk away. There’s no point wasting our efforts in filling a cup that’s filled with holes. There’s no shame in walking away. Doing so can be incredibly therapeutic for us, as well as, give us time to cool down and gain perspective on things that have kept us uncomfortably baffled.

Boundaries are essential during this week. Maintaining strong and healthy ones are a powerful act of self-love. You are meant to enjoy life and work on yourself. You aren’t born to be a martyr and take on the worries and cares of those around you. Everyone has it in them to get back on their feet and move on with their lives and find their own happiness. It’s not your job to do it for them. Forcing yourself to stay in uncomfortable and unhappy situations is akin to drinking venom and expecting to survive. Channel your inner ‘Elsa’, and just let it go!