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During this final week of June, we are greeted by a powerful new moon that signifies a powerful new beginning for us all. However, according to the June 2022 horoscope, there’s a mighty conjunction that shall also occur this week between Mars – the ruler of war and anger, and Rahu – the ruler of illusions, greed, and deception. This conjunction is one that can shatter us to the core, but also give us the ability to power through the toughest forces of the cosmos.  Let’s see what is in store for every sign this week.

June 2022 horoscope: Tarot reading for all zodiac signs

Aries June 2022 horoscope

This new moon is all about healing your inner child. Even if your childhood was more or less a happy one, ‘The Universe’ is showing that there is still a lot of unresolved trauma and major emotional blocks that haven’t been acknowledged yet. Hiding pain never heals it, especially in the realm of our relationships. Thus, on this new moon, it’s important that you start not only healing your inner child, but also begin a journey of self-healing for the sake of your own emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Of course, ideally, this should be done best with a qualified therapist and/or healer. However, if you haven’t found one yet (please do make the effort to do so), you can try this visualisation exercise. Sit comfortably and ground yourself with a few deep breaths. Visualise yourself as you were a child – perhaps at the age of five. Maybe even older or younger. Then just listen to what the child says and remind it that no matter what has happened, it is loved and it will be protected no matter what. Visualise yourself embrace it, and see what happens. The experience can be quite powerful if done with the right spirit. However, this is just the start of the journey – the rest is best done with a qualified healer/therapist.

Taurus June 2022 horoscope

Horoscope for 2022

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. You do not have to be the pillar of strength for the whole world to lean on. Doing the above will not make you stronger. In fact, over time, it may even lead to your health deteriorating because you’re giving so much time and energy away to others, without being replenished and recharged with love. It’s so important for you – especially during this new moon – to draw firm boundaries and ensure that they are acknowledged and respected by others, as well as, yourself! It’ll be a great act of self-love!

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you’re signalling to ‘The Universe’ that you are open and willing to receive help. Help from the angels and other spiritual divine forces, as well as from the people around you who genuinely care for you and willing to help you without any hesitation. Being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s a sign that you possess great strength to show a side of yourself that most people are too scared to reveal. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is the first step towards freedom from the traumatic bondage of having to keep up appearances. It’s the first step towards being your true self and living your truest life.

Gemini June 2022 horoscope

This new moon is all about learning to accept yourself for the way you are. Yes, this is not just about accepting your ‘good side’ or even your ‘positive qualities’ – it’s about embracing and accepting your ‘dark side’, your ‘chaotic and messy side’, the part of your persona that naysayers say is “too much!” Why? Because that’s all a part of the magical and mysterious powerful being that is YOU! You are a complex individual with incredible layers and dimensions to your psyche and persona.

Without even one of those ‘not so flattering aspects’, you would not be you! And guess what – you are perfect the way you are because that’s how ‘The Universe’ intended you to be! Why must you have to conform to what society – especially problematic toxic family members (and nosy neighbours) expects you to be? You’re the one that is living your life – not them! What would a bunch of mosquitos know about the exquisite beauty of a rose? And let’s not forget, prettier the rose – deadlier the thorns! The thorns are what make the rose more desirable. They protect it from predators and icky gross humans that want to pluck it for their own perverse thrills. So embrace your thorns for all that they are – and then your inner rose shall blossom beautifully!

Cancer June 2022 horoscope

June 2022 horoscope

This new moon shall be quite the transformative one in many ways for you. No matter what happens, all that ‘The Universe’ asks is that you be compassionate throughout this week – with yourself and others around you. This is a time when your emotions shall be heightened, and your sensitivity with respect to the people around you, your environment, and energies. Sometimes you may react in ways that shock others (including yourself), sometimes you may even react strongly to things people do that are objectively harmless – but they trigger you in some powerful way. Don’t feel guilty about the emotional outburst, because your emotions are valid. Just make sure to make amends accordingly with those on the receiving end.

Remember that we are all on a journey that is complicated with numerous twists and turns. We are all carrying immense baggage on our shoulders, and heavy unresolved trauma attached to us for years. A little compassion can truly go a long way in not only healing ourselves but healing those around us. The more compassion you express – internally, as well as, externally – the more you’ll be a powerful force in making the world a better place. After all, the way we treat ourselves is a reflection of the way we allow others to treat us, which in itself is a reflection of how we view ourselves and our role in the world at large.

Leo June 2022 horoscope

Leo 2022 horoscope

This new moon is all about being honest with who you are and communicating your truth irrespective of the consequences. This is the time for you to actually be honest with what is it that you truly want out of life, as well as, your expectations from the relationships within your life – be it platonic, familial, romantic or professional. Rather than saying things they want to hear, it’s best to just be honest. Sure, that can be harsh at times, but it will not only save time for both parties but eventually, your honesty shall be honoured and appreciated. Just remember that before being honest with others, it’s important that you are honest with yourself.

The thing is, when we start being honest with ourselves, we have to look at the not-so-flattering part of our mind, body, and soul. The part that not even an Instagram filter can manipulate to be pretty in any capacity. Sometimes we may think we want something, but in truth, we’re actually in need of something else. Example: We may think we’re ready to marry and settle down, but in actuality what we truly need is to heal childhood wounds and family trauma before we can find someone to build a life with. It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but it’ll be the most powerful medicine you could ever take for yourself.

Virgo June 2022 horoscope


This new moon is all about paying attention to not only what’s being said, but everything that’s being unsaid. Beyond just reading between the lines, in some cases, it’s also about reading between the words and interpreting the different meanings a word can have. Yes, to a lesser being this might seem like such a complex and complicated chore – but for you, this could be a fun mental exercise. It’ll also be the most powerful gift you develop, for not only will it teach you more about the human mind (and how to decipher it), but some of you may eventually even learn to read and anticipate people’s needs, wants, and desires without explicitly expressing them.

Beyond that, you will also learn a great deal about empathy and perhaps even enhance your intuitive powers of interpreting spoken and unspoken words, as well as, the tone behind them. Not only will it obviously benefit you in your personal life – especially your romantic life, but it will take you to greater heights professionally and spiritually. It’ll also teach you the power of your own words enabling you to become a better and more effective communicator, making you fearless in not just asking for what you want, but demanding that it’s fulfilled in a manner that’ll make it happen without the fear of ruffling feathers.

Libra June 2022 horoscope

This is not going to be a subtle new moon, for ‘The Universe’ is asking you to use this time to cut cords and move on. This isn’t about staying strong and working things through. This is not about powering through the hurdles and making it to the finish line hand-in-hand. Nothing you can do can mend the situation, and the more you try to do so, the more you’ll just be sucked into it – making it easier to lose sight of your true self and your purpose and submit to a life where you’re enslaved by lesser beings. Don’t waste time – cut the cords!

This can be with relationships that have turned toxic, people with whom there is absolutely no scope for growth or any possibilities or with people you literally have no idea why you’re following them on social media. This can perhaps even be new people who seem fun and exciting, but the red flags can’t be ignored or old habits and behavioural patterns that lead you to get entangled into sticky complicated webs. Don’t waste any time. The time for giving them benefits of doubts is long gone. Your heart and soul will thank you in the long run!

Scorpio June 2022 horoscope

June 2022 horoscope

During this new moon period, when you align your intentions with the highest good, and act from a place of love and consideration, your power shall be intensified. Use it to benefit those who come to you seeking your leadership and guidance in all walks of life. This is also an important time for you to remember that true power comes from a place of humility and grace. The ego is the force that drives us to abuse power, and eventually, everything we do backfires because it comes from a place of self-serving ungrateful behaviour. Understand that by helping others, you aren’t robbing yourself of opportunities to succeed – you’re actually inviting better ones at the perfect time.

This is also a time when creativity is sparking high within and around you. Pay attention to new ideas, and do not be afraid to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. After all, our power only grows when we allow to put ourselves in places and situations we normally wouldn’t. In the process, we learn new things that we never thought were possible. Remember, all of it won’t be of much use if you’re not able to help those in need. Generosity and gratitude are your power words for the week!

Sagittarius June 2022 horoscope

Sagittarius November 2021 Horoscope

This new moon, the lesson for you is to surrender. Do not take on so much stress about what is happening around you, nor should you worry about the future. Doing so will only heighten your anxieties, and will only lead to creating more chaos within the world. ‘The Universe’ wants you to know that there is a sacred plan at play, and you are on the right track. Every decision you make is divinely guided, and you are being protected and looked after by angels and other spiritual guardians. All you have to do is have faith in them. They ask for nothing in return, for they love you unconditionally.

Whenever life has been harsh with you, they are the forces that helped you through those trying times. Everything you’ve been through has been part of your soul’s journey, and it all has led you to become a stronger and more empowered individual. Your guides and guardians want you to remember that all you have to do is ask. Literally, just say, “Angels, help me out!” And they will. In some cases, it’ll be very obvious, in some, it will be incredibly subtle. Watch out for signs and omens. In fact, you can even ask them, “Angels, give me a sign that you’re here with me!” Just be aware of all your senses – especially your sixth sense to notice them. Thank them from time to time. Your gratitude empowers them to help you out all the more.

Capricorn June 2022 horoscope

This new moon brings with it a powerful new beginning for you. However, before you can embark on your new journey, you need to get rid of the negative thought patterns and limiting belief systems that stall your growth – causing you to stagnate physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s time to unlearn old ways of doing things and embrace a whole new way of being that’s empowering and all the more effective in taking on everything the world throws at us.

It can seem quite a cumbersome task to unlearn old habits and patterns, but you must understand that they are no longer serving you. ‘The Universe’ has big plans for you, and you need to get yourself ready for them. If you haven’t already, do consider working with a qualified therapist and/or healer to help you out. There’s no shame in taking help from someone. Know that you have it in you to heal and become better. Know that ‘The Universe’ has your success in mind, and there are divine forces all around you that are helping you achieve it. All you have to do is let go of those limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns. Easier said than done, but if you put in the work, it’ll become all the more possible!

Aquarius June 2022 horoscope

This new moon is a powerful time for healing. For some of you, it may mean that you study and practice a form of alternative energy healing – like reiki, pranic healing, magnified healing, etc. Doing so will not only be a powerful grounding spiritual practice for you – but it’ll enable you to heal others whilst simultaneously heal yourself. If you’re wondering which healing modality is perfect for you – try going to healers and teachers, and see what resonates best with you. If you already are attuned to these modalities – then explore more, or perhaps go deeper into the process. Only good things can come from expanding your horizons, as well as, the more we learn – the more empowered we become.

For some of you, this new moon could be a time for you to take charge of your health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. If it’s been a while since your last complete health check-up – no time like now to get it done. A good place to start would perhaps be with your eating habits. After all, food is the ultimate medicine. So perhaps let’s start eliminating toxins from our diet and substitute them with nutritious food. Working with a well-qualified nutritionist would work wonders. You’d be surprised by the miracles your body, mind, and soul can experience just by eating right.

Pisces June 2022 horoscope

The new moon is a powerful time for you to embrace joy within your life. To do so doesn’t mean that you have to be ‘happy’ and ‘positive’ 24/7. That’s incredibly unhealthy and can lead to damaging consequences. To embrace joy means that even when life is throwing the worst at you, and you’re experiencing extreme negative emotions – you never lose sight of the things that truly make your life feel blessed. Whether it’s a close set of friends, family, and loved ones who always have your back or a creative hobby that keeps you grounded. Even if it’s a pet who loves you unconditionally or something in your work that truly motivates you – hold on to it! This is the life raft that’ll keep you afloat when the world around you is sinking.

By embracing joy, we’re allowing ourselves to remember that there is so much in life to be grateful about – especially when we are unsure that sunrise will follow a dark dangerous night (it always will – remember that). It also means that even when we’re consumed by sadness, we do not submit to it completely. We don’t need to avoid ‘bad feelings’. They are part of what makes us human. The more we try to ignore them, the more they’ll loom over us, and eventually, they’ll cripple us in ways that are truly damaging to our spirit. Thus, when we embrace joy – we can safely experience those negative emotions and when it’s time, we can let them go. And they will go, because you’ve mastered how to embrace joy. Joy is how you love. Joy will never leave you.

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