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Protests against vaccine passports erupted across the planet, stretching from London to Sydney. Hundreds of thousands of people rallied against government plans to institute vaccine passes that will grant access to many places to those who are vaccinated.

In France, approximately 160,000 anti-vaccine passport protesters took to the streets to protest a proposed vaccine pass. Protesters in Paris chanted, “Liberty! Liberty!”

The vaccine passport is being considered by legislators in France’s Senate, and would require French citizens to have a special vaccine pass to enter restaurants. The proposed bill would also mandate COVID-19 vaccination for all health care workers.

In Paris, tensions flared to the point that the police fired water cannons and tear gas at the crowd, and numerous arrests were made.

NEW 🚨 Huge protests broke out in central Paris against COVID-19 curbs and vaccination https://t.co/tsd3AJKVcP

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PARIS – Nouvelle manifestation contre le #PassSanitaire des #GiletsJaunes #AntiPassSanitaire #manif24juillet https://t.co/mF0Sefg9X0

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The protest in Paris, France against the Macron government domestic vaccine pass is massive. https://t.co/K20R1GMRCN

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Meanwhile the French continue to tussle with the police in Paris over the #PasseSanitaire #NonAuPassDeLaHonte… https://t.co/yEXlUn2WP3

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Les #ChampsElysees noyé sous les lacrymogènes. #manif24juillet #PasseSanitaire https://t.co/7eG7QAsCuE https://t.co/tWkZ3Y6BhU

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Thousands participated in large protests in London, where anti-vaccine passport demonstrators got into physical altercations with law enforcement.

JUST IN 🚨Trump 2024 “Save America Again!” flag spotted at anti-vaccine passport protest today in London at Trafalga… https://t.co/TKsglpRYH8

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Violence erupts outside Parliament during latest London anti-lockdown protest. Footage of ugly scenes this evening… https://t.co/iV3oBCBv7B

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Thousands protested coronavirus vaccine certificates in Milan, Italy. As of Aug. 6, Italy will require a “Green Pass,” a proof of COVID vaccination which will be required to “enter cinemas, museums, indoor swimming pools or sports stadiums, or eat indoors at restaurants.”

Grande manifestation Ă  Milan aujourd’hui contre le pass sanitaire. Des manifestations ont eu lieu dans les principa… https://t.co/RuGnoTPaD1

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An estimated 3,500 people participated in protests in Sydney, Australia. The crowd demanded the termination of the city’s lockdown, which is entering its fifth week and only permits residents with a reasonable excuse to leave home. The crowd chanted, “You serve us!” There were violent clashes between protesters and law enforcement, and several police officers were assaulted. There were 57 people arrested.

Following Saturday’s protest, the New South Wales police minister, David Elliott, announced the creation of a strike force to identify every protester at the “super spreader” event.

Sydney, Australia stands for Freedom. #EnoughIsEnough https://t.co/7248ahtoni

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People are saying Enough is Enough in #Sydney. Let your voices be heard. We’ re all fed up with governments protec… https://t.co/DbAY2HyFeb

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NEW 🚨 Scenes from large anti-lockdown protest rally in Sydney, Australia https://t.co/THIKJKXOHK

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Australians are angry at the unscientific lockdowns. The police are in full force to prevent them from demonstratin… https://t.co/cUQ6g7q4oO


Such ugly scenes. This is all just so bad https://t.co/BBs8O80Gub

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