Visit Hong Kong: A Travel Guide for First-Timers

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Buy an Octopus card

red bus near two cars during daytime

No matter how big your luggage is, the chances are you’ll have to use public transport every single day. Doing that might be the easiest way to move from point A to point B, but it’s not always the cheapest way as well. But, if you prepare in advance and buy an Octopus card, you might end up saving a considerable amount of money during your stay in Hong Kong.

These cards will allow you to enter all the trams, ferries, buses, and trains that operate here, but there’s more. You’ll also get amazing discounts in tons of fast food joints, restaurants, supermarkets, and shops. In other words, you’ll be saving money wherever you go and whatever you do, and that’s something every tourist loves to hear!

Find the right place to stay

Booking accommodation in Hong Kong might not be as easy to do as you may think, especially if you don’t do it on time. Waiting for last-minute offers is never a good tactic, so be sure you’ve found a great place to stay a few months before you arrive at this amazing place.

The reason you should do that is quite simple to understand – Hong Kong is full of tourists and everyone’s looking for the best place they can afford. So, the minute you find a suitable hotel, motel, hostel, or private accommodation – book it! Also, be ready to think outside the box and book an entire apartment where you’ll have all the amenities you may need. Those comfortable apartments for rent in Hong Kong can be found at great locations and you’ll always be close to the action, which means you won’t have to spend that much money on public transport.

Save money whenever possible

aerial photography of city skyline at daytime

Most people believe Hong Kong is one of the most expensive places in the world, and while that’s not far from being true, it’s not completely true. What this means is that you can go to Hong Kong, have an amazing time, and still spend far less money than you’ve hoped. How? If you’re frugal and know a few simple tricks.

Start by defining your budget, making a list of things you’ll spend your money on, and planning how much money you can spend on each item – from your plane tickets and your accommodation to your souvenirs and visits to restaurants. After that, start looking into tips and tricks that will help you save a few bucks here and there because this will accumulate and you’ll end up saving more than you’ve anticipated. Finally, make sure you don’t go over your budget, and everything will be fine!

Visiting Hong Kong for the first time is one of the best things you can do this year, so start planning your trip ASAP – and have a great time!

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