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Police in Colma, California, announced this week that they have arrested and charged the brazen shoplifter who was seen being confronted by a shopper in a video that has circulated on social media since last month.

The dramatic video shows the reported thief, 28-year-old Samuel Balcorta of San Francisco, shamelessly carrying a bin of stolen items through the exit doors of a Bay Area Target on March 16, when suddenly an unarmed shopper approaches him and rips the bin from his hands.

The unidentified Target shopper, evidently fed up with rampant crime in the area, then yelled at Balcorta, a repeat offender, to stop what he was doing.

“Stop that s**t, man! Get a f***ing job!” he can be heard shouting at the thief.

Meanwhile, the person allegedly recording the video helplessly claimed, “They can’t do nothing.”

u201cStop that su2014 man! Get a fu2014 job!u201d Citizen frustrated over thefts tries to stop @Target shoplifter. The suspect, Samuel Balcorta, was later arrested, per @ColmaPDpic.twitter.com/pV51VFw2Iq

— Henry K. Lee (@Henry K. Lee) 1649727842

The random shopper’s actions perfectly encapsulate the sentiment that many Americans have undoubtedly felt amid the country’s ongoing crime wave. That is, frustration upon witnessing shoplifters and other opportunistic criminals carrying out lawless deeds with little consequence in Democratic-controlled jurisdictions.

But in a tweet thread posted Monday, the Colma Police Department shared that the brave citizen’s actions were not fruitless. In fact, after confronting the thief, the shopper alerted police, leading to Balcorta’s arrest.

It was later revealed that Balcorta was out on bail for a prior felony charge.

“The person seen confronting the suspect was not a store employee. He was a citizen shopping at the store who intervened because, as he told the officers, he was frustrated with the increase in thefts,” the department wrote.

“He called police and we responded,” the post continued, adding that Balcorta was arrested and booked on burglary and grand theft charges as well as an additional felony charge for committing a felony while out on bail.

He called police and we responded. The suspect, Samuel Balcorta, a 28-year-old San Francisco resident, was located, arrested and booked into jail for burglary, grand theft, and an additional felony charge for committing a felony while out on bail/OR for a prior felony case. (2/5)pic.twitter.com/MJ55kdgbfM

— Colma Police Department (@Colma Police Department) 1649698398

In subsequent tweets, the department chided the videographer’s reaction to the crime, saying, “Unlike the videographer’s belief that we ‘can’t do anything,’ we can and will respond.”

Police added that they understand the citizen’s “frustration” with out-of-control crime but warned against taking similar action, noting that intervening in a crime-in-progress can be dangerous.

“The suspects in these thefts are often repeat offenders, some who carry weapons, are part of an organized retail theft crew, and/or have ties to violent gangs,” the department said. “While we appreciate the assistance, we want you to maintain your safety and be the best witness you can for us.”