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Dutch crime reporter Peter de Vries died on 15 July after being shot some days earlier. The journalist dedicated his life to investigation and was known for his ability to reveal the underworld of the Netherlands.

The footage, depicting the moment after the attack on reporter Peter de Vries, was made and posted to the Internet by two unidentified men who are purportedly related to the murder, the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reported on Wednesday.

A police source told the outlet that the two were presumed to have been waiting for de Vries to be murdered, to film his body and quickly disseminate the footage on the Internet in a bid to attract public attention.

“If you want maximum attention, you do this,” the source said. “Then you ensure that shocking videos immediately spread across the internet. It is suspected that the men were waiting there.”

The footage from surveillance cameras showed two similarly-dressed men following de Vries as he headed toward his car. The two men are seen taking their phones out before the attack, “without doing anything” with them, “as if they wanted their camera in hand right away,” the source pointed out.

As the shots were fired, the two men reportedly calmly circled the wounded reporter allegedly to take photos.

“The movements of those two are very unnatural and had our explicit attention,” the source told the newspaper.

The reporter was fatally wounded on 6 July after being shot five times, including once in his head. He was quickly hospitalized but died on 15 July, at the age of 64.

The Dutch reporter is believed to have been targeted by those affected by his investigations. Police arrested two suspects, with one alleged to be the shooter.