US Lawyer Convicted of Assaulting Off-Duty Hong Kong Police Officer After Intervening in Scuffle

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An American corporate lawyer working in Hong Kong has been convicted of assaulting a Hong Kong police officer after he attempted to break up a scuffle in late 2019 amid pro-democracy protests in the city.  Samuel Bickett, 37, while on his way to dinner on Dec. 7 2019, saw a man with a metal baton hitting a teenager and stopped to intervene. The man turned out to be a plain-clothes Hong Kong police officer, and Bickett was arrested and charged with common assault and assaulting an officer. The former compliance director at the Bank of America was convicted on Tuesday of assaulting Senior Constable Yu Shu-sang, and was denied bail ahead of sentencing on July 6. Part of the confrontation that took place in a subway station was captured on video. Bickett had not joined a protest when he was arrested, but saw a man with an extendible baton strike …

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