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Casually slaying her pregnancy with looks upon looks, Rihanna linked with her former stylist and Interview Magazine editor-in-chief, Mel Ottenberg. While at dinner in Paris, she delivered a new stunning maternity look and — her first TikTok? We aren’t worthy.

During dinner, Rihanna, outfitted in a Stella McCartney SS22 cutout jumpsuit and coat, posed with the stylist responsible for her most iconic Met Gala looks, including the Guo Pei train dress and Heavenly Bodies John Galliano moment.

The two icons struck model-esque poses for the ‘gram followed a quick four-second TikTok vid on Ottenberg’s account — though Rihanna has her own post-less TikTok profile with over four million followers.

The adorable video features Rihanna and Ottenberg dancing to “Threes Company Theme” by Dominik Hauser, with a pregnant Rih playfully grabbing her tummy.

While the Fenty Beauty CEO has yet to post to her TikTok account, let alone guest star in others, it looks like this could be her first public TikTok. Considering the bad gal is holding the camera versus fan-cam action or crowded street style glimpses, I would say so.

During her Paris Fashion Week tour, it’s safe to say that Rihanna’s been the real fashion week treat. From Gucci to Dior, the bad gal stopped the press in their tracks and even hit them the perfect response to shots at her tardiness.

Don’t they know better than to clock a pregnant Rih – or Rihanna, period — for being late? Mama Fenty had to remind them she’s still savage.

With only two more days of Paris Fashion Week and a new Y/Project ensemble from Rih, I’m supplying wishful thinking for Rihanna’s first TikTok video on her account. If not, more looks and clapbacks will suffice.