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The service quality of flights tends to differ exponentially from one carrier to another. Not all flights offer the same level of amenities and it is not uncommon to have a negative experience aboard a certain flight. Your departure might get delayed or even calcelled. Marek Janetzke,

Managing Director of flightright.co.uk, says: “Airlines mostly leave their passengers without any information about it or even negate that their customers are entitled to compensation.” You could wind up sitting next to a person who is not at all in the mood to share his armrest. Another frequent problem that most of you will experience at one point or another is the passenger right in front of you who won’t stop tilting his seat into your knees. These sorts of scenarios are commonplace in the economy class section of a flight, but head a little further beyond the curtain and a whole new world awaits you – First Class.

Gone are the poorly upholstered and extremely uncomfortable seating arrangements; instead you get plush leather seats that spell comfort with a Capital “C”. The only sounds that reach your ears will be the muffled voices of the attendants offering you hot towels. Not only does the food taste amazing but there is no cap on how much you can drink. The following list includes the best luxurious airlines in the entire world, famed for their service and perks.

Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong-based carrier, Cathay Pacific, has managed to redefine luxury in the air travel sector. The company goes above and beyond to ensure that your journey is pleasant and memorable, and at the end of the journey, you actually await the next time you board a Cathay Pacific flight. The carrier provides nonstop flight services to Hong Kong and major international destinations, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Newark Liberty, New York and was recently awarded the title of the World’s Best Airline at the World Airline Awards for the fourth time. The services of the flight really stand out. The attendants are warm and helpful, instead of cranky and rude, and they add these personal touches that make your in- flight experience special. The ground crew is ready to assist you at the drop of a hat and will leave no room for complaints. The in-flight entertainment system is beyond compare and boasts of a wide selection of movies, TV shows, news stories, documentaries and more. The music and video game selections tend to vary while first class passengers can experience a larger collection of shows, and they are provided with sound-proof headphones so that they can immerse themselves in the experience for the duration of the flight. The airline is always on time and the food served is not only delicious in first class, but you get a great selection of port, cheese and fruit after the main course. A first class Cathay Pacific ticket from New York to London will set you back by approximately USD $31,000.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways serves over 140 different destinations throughout the world. The first class cabins in the flights are large and spacious and boast of elegant and luxurious décor. First class passengers can experience a distinct sense of refinement with the services of the attendants and you can ask for world class services directly from your private space. The award-winning cabin crew aboard the flight will tend to all your requests and deliver amazing service.

Celebrity Chef signature dishes and Christian Dior amenity kits are part of the first class experience at Qatar Airways. You will be provided with designer sleeper suits so that no aspect of your in-flight time is spent without the highest levels of luxury. The highly comfortable flat beds come equipped with a duvet and Frette Linen, and you will get the benefit of plenty of stowage options. When you fly first class with Qatar Airways, they serve your every need and so you can opt to take a break or work. There are lots of amazing entertainment options capable of transforming your personal area into a productive work space. The company focuses on comfort, convenience and choice and delivering the perfect customer experience to first class passengers.

Singapore Airlines

The Singapore Suite aboard the Singapore Airlines flight can be considered the epitome of luxury and sophistication and first class passengers are guaranteed to keep on craving for more. A one-way ticket from Singapore to Mumbai aboard the carrier will cost you around USD

$3,324. Not only do you get your only private suite, you are going to be served 2004 Dom

Perignon and be offered pyjamas to sleep in. Instead of conventional seating, Singapore Airlines goes the extra mile, providing you with spacious and comfortable armchairs, hand- stitched by Italian craftsmen, with loads of extra leg room. There is the option for double-beds aboard the Singapore Airlines for first class customers and it adds a great dimension to an overall amazing service experience. The lighting has been tastefully done to create a soft and inviting ambience that puts the minds of the guests at ease. Every seat present in the First Class Singapore Airlines suite boasts of a new and improved fixed-back shell design along with smoothly curved side panels in order to provide a clear and prominent demarcation of personal space and add to the guests’ existing sense of privacy. Gourmet dishes prepared specially according to your specifications and tastes will be served to you.


Dubai-based Emirates redefines the word “luxury” in an aircraft setting for the benefit of the first class passengers. You are treated to your own cabin and once you shut the privacy doors, you will be able to relax in your personal space. The ambient lighting offers a pleasant in-flight experience and you can convert your seat easily into a fully flat bed, complete with a soft mattress. There is a mirror and a vanity table in your cabin so that you can freshen up at your convenience. Personalized meals are offered by Emirates so you are free to choose anything from a simple midnight treat to splendid a la carte cuisine. The food is prepared using locally sourced and organic ingredients. The airline provides complimentary alcoholic drinks. You can experience a rejuvenating shower in the clouds with the Shower Spa, equipped with the finest Bvlgari toiletries and Timeless Spa products. There is a lot to choose from in terms of in-flight entertainment and you can enjoy both local and international movies and TV shows. If you want, you have the option to create your personal playlist of favourites. First class travel from Auckland to Brisbane aboard an Emirates flight will set you back by USD $824.

Turkish Airlines

A first class flight aboard Turkish Airlines from Turkey to London will cost you almost USD

$885. One of the best airlines in Europe, Turkish Airlines offers the finest in seating and catering services. The Business class seats are ottomans that can be converted into sleeping space with loads of extra area for comfort. The armrest does double duty as a privacy screen and can be controlled with the aid of a single button. The airways bring the feel of a real fine dining restaurant to the flight and the taste of the dishes is authentic. The attendants attempt to recreate the true Turkish Hospitality above the clouds and make you feel like a star. The meals are presented in beautiful porcelain dishes and the presentation is exquisite. A rich selection of food makes your flight with Turkish Airlines a memorable one indeed. Hot drinks are available at all times and you need not worry about quality since the in-flight catering crew adheres to the strictest quality measures to ensure that your food meets your expectations and tickles your taste buds in the best possible way. The airline uses Planet digital system along

with individual touch-buttons for the purpose of in-flight entertainment.

ANA All Nippon Airways

ANA All Nippon Airways is the costliest best-priced first class airlines and flying from Tokyo to Los Angeles will cost you almost USD $9,200. The first class suites give you a sense of great privacy and your cabin comes with its own window. Storage compartments are conveniently located and you can experience intuitive seat controls. Each cabin has its own dining table and the airline has an extensive selection of food and beverage options for first class guests. The in- flight catering of the company is highly regarded and offers multi-cuisine dishes. The AVOD system is surprisingly efficient and you get numerous entertainment options. Once you decide to go to sleep, your seats are turned into beds and you are provided with two large pillows and a mattress. The service quality of the airlines is to die for and the attendants are warm and friendly, and are not hesitant to offer you an extra perk or two in case they find that it is

possible. The first class check-in process for the airlines happens to be private and segregated adding to the sense of exclusivity. Based in Japan, ANA provides international flight services all over the world.

Virgin AtlanPc

The name of Richard Branson carries a great deal of weight in the tourism and travel industry throughout the globe and considering he is at the helm of Virgin Atlantic, you can be sure that you will be getting complete value for your money. Introduced in 1984, Virgin Atlantic has become one of the most popular flight carriers throughout the world and now caters to various countries on a global scale. The first class suite aboard the Virgin Atlantic is termed as the Upper Class Suite and travel amenities are abound when you are a passenger in this section.

The suite offer ample amounts of space and you will not be disturbed in your private spot. You are bound to love the pampering and attention being showered on you. The beds are incredibly roomy and have plenty of leg space so that you can sleep as comfortably as you want. In case you need a long stretch of undisturbed sleep throughout the night, Virgin has a unique solution

– a few Upper Class suites present in overnight flights tend to have a special “Snooze Zone” that features minimal distractions and dimmed lights. No matter what, your time with Virgin Atlantic will be memorable. The flight from New York to London will set you back by almost USD $5,000.

Eos Airlines

Eos Airlines is a class apart in the airlines sector. The 757 flights owned by the company tend to have sufficient amount of room for almost 220 people but surprisingly, the airline allows only a handful, a low number of 48, to get on board the flight. Despite the high cost of almost USD

$6,000 for a first class flight from New York to London, the passengers feel that the money is

worth the amenities and services that the flight provides. 21 square feet of space for each passenger is practically unheard of in the airline sector but that is the reality aboard the Eos Airlines. Personal space is, therefore, never a problem when you travel with Eos. Each seat for the passengers happens to be multifunctional and is a joy to occupy while traveling across the vast Atlantic Ocean. Despite going against the ongoing trend among airlines of conserving space, the layout has paid off for Eos which is earning large dividends and has been successful in taking a risk. Though starting off as late as 2005, Eos seems to have generated sufficient interest among first class fliers to have garnered a sustainable customer base. The company

has recently announced a one-of-a-kind money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

EPhad Airways

A first class seat aboard Etihad airlines from UAE to London will cost you almost USD $6,700 but the money is well spent due to the amazing amenities and perks that the company offers to its passengers. Each cabin features sliding doors that you can close as per your discretion to block out the outside world. The whole experience aboard Etihad airways is very immersive and the attendants ensure that you feel pampered and exquisite. The first class apartments aboard the Etihad flights are upholstered with the best quality Poltrona Frau leather and consist of an armchair, an ottoman as well as sufficient room to pace around in. The bed is huge and will fit you snugly. Etihad gives you the unique opportunity to invite a companion to join you for a meal or meeting in your spacious suite. If you are traveling with a partner, the divider between the apartments can easily be lowered in order to create joint rooms. Every room comes equipped with a 24 inch flatscreen television that can be adjusted easily and can be viewed from the armchair while relaxing in bed, along with a vanity cabinet that contains plenty of lighting and space for keeping personal effects. The drinks cabinet remains constantly stocked with chilled drinks and you have your very own wardrobe. You can have a shower in your private bathroom.

LuThansa Airlines

The first class aboard Lufthansa Airlines is a treat for passengers and it ranks highly in terms of personal service and exclusive experience. The airline pays attention to every detail from functionality to an elegant design to an amazing selection of culinary treats. The team at Lufthansa believes in the idea of personal care to make your journey as special as possible. The carrier boasts of exclusive first class lounges and the serenity you find above the clouds is well worth the money. The seats are shaped ergonomically and remain equipped with intuitive seat controls. The attendants provide you with high quality pillows, comfortable mattress toppers and soft duvets for proper sleep. There are plenty of options when it comes to in-flight entertainment and you get access to an extensive range of videos with foreign movies, TV programs, sports highlights, news, music magazines, CDs, international radio stations, and video games. In terms of dining aboard Lufthansa first class, renowned top chefs are hired to create gastronomical delights for you. There is an outstanding selection of regional and vintage wines to whet your appetite. A first class ticket from Lufthansa from New York to London will cost you approximately USD $12,000.

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