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Summer accessorising is a great way to incorporate new and colourful trends into your jewellery collection. Many people become bolder with their fashion choices in the summer months, whether it be by experimenting with clothing or accessories. This top 10 Michel Kors jewellery for summer guide will offer some great recommendations of pieces to add to your collection for the upcoming season. Michael Kors is best known for its super glamorous crystal set accessories that never fail to turn heads. The brand has become one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, with many style-conscious people coveting its accessories. If you are interested in adding some beautiful Michael Kors pieces to your summer styling, keep reading for our guide to the top 10 Michael Kors jewellery for summer.

Our Top 10 Michael Kors Jewellery For Summer

Top 10 Michael Kors Jewellery For Summer

Michael Kors KORS MK | 14ct Rose Gold Plated Necklace | Multi-Coloured Stones MKC1575AY791

This striking necklace is sure to stand out on the neck. The necklace is from 14-carat rose gold plated, providing a luxurious and high-quality finish. Rose gold has been a very on-trend metal tone for some time now and has become a true staple in any jewellery collection. The warm tones of the metal mean that it pairs beautifully with a wide range of colours and glows perfectly in the summer sunshine. This necklace features a circular disc-shaped pendant that hangs from the centre of the delicate chain. The pendant is set with many sparkling crystals in a rainbow of shades. This multi-coloured design makes this necklace a brilliant addition to our top 10 Michael Kors jewellery for summer.

Michael Kors KORS BRILLIANCE | 14ct Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cluster Wrap Ring | UK P MKC1544BH791-P

A huge trend this summer is the unexpected combination of reds, pinks and orange shades. Although similar colours, they pair extraordinarily well together to create a bold summer look. This ring combines red and pink gemstones to create a precisely clashed, modern aesthetic. The ring is crafted from rose gold plated sterling silver, providing a high-quality feel. The ring is comprised of two conjoined open bands that separate at one end. The entire band of the ring is set with sparkling white crystals, ensuring it catches the light from every angle. A cushion-cut red crystal is set at one end of the ring, whilst a pear-cut pink stone and a round-cut pink stone are set at the other.

Top 10 Michael Kors Jewellery For Summer

Michael Kors KORS BRILLIANCE | 14ct Rose Gold Plated Necklace MKC1567BH791

Vibrant jewel tones come into style every summer season, so this necklace is a piece that you can bring back out year after year. The high fashion status of Michael Kors makes it a brilliant brand to source investment items of jewellery from as they are sure to last and become a well-loved piece in any collection. The delicate chain and setting of this necklace are crafted from rose gold plated sterling silver. This warm tone is perfect for the summer season as it evokes images of seaside sunsets. A pendant hangs from the centre of the chain. It is set with two bold and sparkling crystals. The first is a vibrant red tone which is cut into an attractive cushion shape. A round-cut pink stone is set below it, providing a delicate feminine touch to this bold piece.

Michael Kors KORS BRILLIANCE | 14ct Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Heart Stud Earrings MKC1569AN791

A simple pair of stud earrings is essential in any jewellery collection. This is especially true for those people who like accessorising to be effortless, comfortable and chic. this beautiful pair of heart-shaped stud earrings will make a beautiful piece for everyday wear due to their elegant simplicity. This also makes them a great accessory to take away on holiday as they are sure to match any other accessories that they are paired with. The earrings are made from rose gold plated sterling silver for a long-lasting polished finish. They exhibit an adorable cut-out heart shape design that will be flattering on the ear. Each earring is engraved with the brand name and set with three sparkling crystals to give them an extra touch of luxury.

Top 10 Michael Kors Jewellery For Summer

Michael Kors KORS MK | 14ct Rose Gold Plated Multi-Coloured Stone Bangle MKC1551AY791

There is something about a classic bangle that gives an air of true elegance and style. Michael Kors has captured this in the design of this stunningly playful piece. The bangle is rose gold plated to give a warm and feminine backdrop to the many stones that it is set with. A multitude of sparkling crystals is set into the outer edge of the bangle. They are set in a rainbow gradient and feature in shades of purple, pink, orange, yellow and green. These stones ensure that the bangle captures and reflects the light with every movement of the arm. The signature ‘MK’ brand logo is featured on top of the stones to emphasise the fashion roots of this statement accessory.

Michael Kors Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Necklace Crystal-Set Heart Pendant MKC1120AN710

Gold jewellery has exponentially increased in popularity this year. Many jewellery wearers have been wearing classic gold hoops alongside simple gold pendant necklaces to create a simple and timelessly elegant look. A gold pendant necklace is a staple within a jewellery collection as it can be worn with anything and for any occasion. This necklace is made from yellow gold plated sterling silver. A gold-toned heart-shaped pendant hangs from the centre of the delicate gold chain. It exhibits a perfectly polished finish to ensure it becomes the focal point of any look. A smaller heart-shaped pendant is stacked on top of it. This pendant is entirely set with sparkling white crystals to add a touch of glamour to this simple piece.

Top 10 Michael Kors Jewellery For Summer

Michael Kors Crystal Set MK Rose Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Bracelet MKC1518A2791

The soft feminine tones of this elegant bracelet make it the perfect everyday accessory for summer styling. The bracelet is crafted from high-quality rose gold plated steering silver. This combination of materials gives the bracelet a luxurious feel at a relatively affordable price point. The delicate chain of this bracelet is secured using a drawstring-style clasp, meaning that is adjustable. This means that it can be comfortably worn by people with a range of wrist sizes. A small heart-shaped charm is set at the centre of the chain. It features a pink heart-shaped crystal set at its centre. This crystal is framed by a halo of white crystals. This halo accentuates the unusual heart-cut of the centre stone.

Michael Kors 14ct Gold-Plated Brass Pavé Logo Ring (UK Size S) MKJ7836-S

If you are a true fan of the Michael Kors brand, then this could be the perfect summer accessory for you. This bold and chunky ring is sure to stand out on the hand. It is the perfect piece for someone who loves to be loud and experimental with their jewellery whilst wearing quality, designer pieces. The ring is crafted from 14-carat yellow gold plated brass for a perfectly polished and on-trend finish. This ring will fit seamlessly in with other yellow gold pieces in a collection. The ring is adorned with the signature ‘MK’ initials across its centre. This makes the ring a true statement piece that will draw the eye to the hands. The ‘K’ is set with sparkling crystals to ensure that this ring stands out.

Top 10 Michael Kors Jewellery For Summer

Michael Kors 14K Gold-Plated Brass Pavé Logo Curb Link Necklace MKJ7835

Gold chain necklaces have become a true staple piece in the past year or two. Whatever the reason, jewellery wearers everywhere are thrilled for this simple piece to become a fashion icon. A simple gold chain can be used to dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans combination or could be paired with a ballgown for an occasionwear look. This Michael Kors chain is made from 14-carat gold-plated brass, allowing it to have a high quality and heavy look. The chain is designed in a classic curb style with bold links. This creates a statement look that makes this chain the focal point of an outfit. The ‘MK’ logo is subtly included amongst the links to ensure the fashion heritage of this piece is accentuated. The ‘K’ of the logo is set with crystals to add a touch of sparkle.

Michael Kors KORS BRILLIANCE | Rose Gold Plated Bracelet | MKC1540BH791

Fancy cut gemstones have had a huge resurgence this year. This trend was first seen within the engagement ring industry and has since crept into the fashion jewellery world. Michael Kors is truly ahead of the trend with this beautiful bracelet. The chain of the bracelet is rose gold plated to create a warm tone that makes the perfect backdrop for the gemstones at its centre. This bracelet is set with three crystals, and each one is a different shape. The first stone is a bold red colour and exhibits a stunning cushion cut. The centre stone is a soft pink hue and is cut in a beautifully feminine pear shape. The final stone is a simple and timeless round cut in a matching pink colour. This combination of tones and shapes means that this stunning bracelet can be worn all summer long.

What are your thoughts on our top 10 Michael Kors jewellery for summer? Which of the recommendations would work with your summer styling? Let us know!

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