Too much to eat? These meal replacement shakes will get you back on track

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It’s safe to say that Christmas, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day feasting is making its exit from your life, leaving behind what you might notice to be three months worth of flab from all the sinful (but still incredibly delicious) eating you’ve been doing.

Perhaps you’re thinking of following a strict nutrition plan as you work from home. As much as we’d like to offer words of encouragement, let’s face it: you don’t always have time to cook a healthy, well-balanced meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day.

Not only is that extremely time-consuming, you’d probably end up exhausted from planning and cooking by the end of the third day. Here’s where meal replacement shakes come in.

meal replacement shakes
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Meal replacement shakes are a great option when you’re pressed for time but not willing to ruin your healthy eating lifestyle for some fast-food and processed snacks.

Besides being packed with all the nutrients you’d need, most shakes are also low in calories, meaning you’d probably get to lose some weight in the process too.

Read on for the best meal replacement shakes you can find in Singapore.

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