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Tia Mowry

Fancy fitness trends are great and all, but sometimes you just got to go back to the basics and pretend you’re playing in the schoolyard for a good sweat. And if you haven’t yet, ahem, jumped on the jump roping phenomenon taking over social media, allow Tia Mowry to inspire you to give it a try.

Earlier this week, Mowry shared a montage of videos on Instagram highlighting her recent jump roping progress and her “challenging journey” toward nailing the heart-spiking activity. “Started from the bottom, now we’re here??,” she wrote in the caption. “I started to jump rope a few months ago and it’s been a fun, but challenging journey! I can’t tell you how many times I hit myself with that rope, but I stuck with it and look how far I’ve come!”

Tia Mowry’s Jump Rope Workout

Set to the tune of Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X‘s “Industry Baby,” Mowry’s montage begins with her whipping around a neon green rope inside a house before moving to another clip of a jump-roping Mowry — only this time, she’s outside and skipping ontop of a jump rope mat with a hot pink jump rope. As the video unfolds, the Sister, Sister alumn gets increasingly more excited with every cool move she masters, including some side-to-side hops, criss-cross jumps, and even side-under jumps, which involve swinging the rope to the side and jumping beneath the rope. And if you’ve ever tried any of these tricks or just jump roped for a few minutes, you likely know how (surprisingly) challenging the cardio activity can be, thereby making Mowry’s feats even that much more impressive. (Translation: Girlfriend deserves to be proud of her progress!)


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Haven’t picked up a jump rope since the days of recess or gym class? You might want to reconsider and dust off your old one or snag a new one, such as this brightly-hued pick akin to the one Mowry uses in her video. Here’s why: Jump roping is a killer full-body workout that offers a plethora of health perks, including (but not limited to!), boosting cardiovascular endurance, improving coordination, and strengthening bones.

“It’s an efficient way to ensure you’re getting your heart rate up to a level that’s really going to benefit you cardiovascularly and in terms of impacting your VO2 max,” certified personal trainer Kira Stokes previously told Shape. In other words, regularly incorporating jump roping into your routine can be a particularly effective way to strengthen your heart and lungs and, in turn, allow you to tackle more activity without feeling winded. And while your ticker is surely getting tested with each hop, skip, and jump, “jumping rope isn’t just a straight cardiovascular workout,” explained Stokes. “It works your arms, shoulders, legs, and core. If you keep your core engaged, it’s truly a full-body workout.”

What’s more, jump roping requires you to focus on each fast-paced movement so you don’t eat pavement, which ultimately betters your coordination and agility at the gym and in life overall. Meaning, you’re less likely to get injured. And while you’re at it, be sure to not jump feet into the air. See, jump roping should be a low-impact workout, meaning you’re not slamming your body (and bones) down with each hop. If you do this correctly — à la Mowry (who, BTW, is a mom of two) — then you should be on your way to reaping another benefit of the exercise: stronger bones.

And here’s the kicker: You can reap all these health benefits pretty much anywhere, as evidenced by Mowry’s jump roping sessions in, what looks like, a living room, driveway, and garage. The versatile, budget-friendly fitness tool is compact and lightweight enough to seamlessly stow in a purse, gym bag, or even suitcase, so you can be sure to squeeze in a sweat wherever you go.

Whether you were sold on skipping rope the second you saw the actress‘ post or are now ready to hop to it after learning about the activity’s perks, remember everyone has to start somewhere — even if that’s, as Drake sings and Mowry quotes, “the bottom.”

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