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Emily In Paris has returned to our TV screens once again, giving us yet another reason to finish the Christmas leftovers on the sofa (sorry, mum)!

The American comedy-drama television series premiered on Netflix on October 2 2020, with the second season just over a year later on December 22 2021.

Within the 14-month break, Emily In Paris fans went to town, with many also wanting to live ‘the dream in Paris just like Emily aka Lily Collins.

With speculation of a third season coming to our screens in 2022, the expert team at Pension Times took the opportunity to analyse the season 2 cast of Emily In Paris, identifying who earns the most per Instagram post.

The analysis itself is pretty shocking, with some of the top stars in the series earning anywhere between £4,000 – £80,000 per post shared to the popular social media networking website.

Emily In Paris stars name Emily In Paris character name Insta handle Insta following Earnings per insta post (£)
Lily Collins Emily @lilyjcollins 24,400,000 80,950
Lucas Bravo Gabriel @lucasnbravo 1,300,000 4,446
Ashley Park Mindy Chen @ashleyparklady 792,000 3,928
Camille Razat Camille @camillerazat 612,000 3,038
Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu Sylvie @philippineleroybeaulieu 106,000 525
William Abadie Antoine @william_abadie 72,000 490
Samuel Arnold Julian @superssama 49,900 423
Bruno Gouery Luc @brunogouery 30,600 262

It comes as no shock, however, that Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) who plays Emily in ‘Emily In Paris’ earns the most per Instagram post, each weighing in at an eye watering £80,950. With the highest Instagram following out of all the cast, it’s no wonder she’s top.

Despite having significantly less followers, Lucas Bravo (@lucasnbravo) who plays Gabriel, a talented Chef in the television series, is said to earn £4,446 per Instagram post.

In third is Ashley Park (@ashleyparklady) who plays the role of Mindy Chen, Emily’s Parisian partner in crime. Despite having 400,000 less followers compared to her fellow actor Lucas, Ashley rakes in £3,928 per Instagram post.

At the very bottom of the scale is Bruno Gouery (@brunogouery) who plays the role of Luc, an account manager for Maison Lavaux. With 30,600 Instagram followers (which, by the way, is still way above the average Instagram following in the world), earns just £262 per Instagram post. We can help but feel a little bit sorry for him!

Like many popular TV shows of a similar calibre such as Dash & Lily, Spinning Out and Sweet Magnolias, many of said actors and actresses will continue to rise to fame on their own record, so we’re not ruling anything out just yet.

With a further series of Emily In Paris potentially hitting out TV screens in 2022, we can’t help but wonder where all the talented boys and girls will be in a year’s time and just how much Lily (ahem, Emily) will be earning per Instagram post this time next year.

Until then, au revoir!