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Communication devices such as mobile phones and tablets, paired with the internet, can give us countless advantages. However, it’s a commonly known fact that the same devices could also be deemed poison unless utilized with precaution. Here, we have three relationship stories—all of which came to an end in connection with photographs and digital devices.

The main story shows how a couple found love through the internet and later saw a shocking turn of events due to the harm done with a camera phone. Each story is entirely different from the other. Read until the end, and you won’t be disappointed!

Just An Ordinary Girl

One of the main characters of the first story is Iris, the woman who, at one point, had it all. She is a young and gorgeous woman—one that most people would refer to as a sight for sore eyes. Iris had her whole life ahead of her.

Little did she know that it was about to change unexpectedly. Her friends would describe her as shy, which is precisely why they introduced her to a dating app to get out there and test the waters. It was an interesting development in her life.