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Pandemic or not, winter is the season of the home. Making sure that your immediate environment is up to standard is essential at this time because it informs how you go about the season, too. Our moods are so heavily affected by our surroundings, so with a prolonged period of home time up ahead, do yourself a favor and bring a flash of something new into your home.

To do this, we have enlisted the help of SSENSE. In particular, the Everything Else category which is, without doubt, the most exciting category online right now. From high-end ceramics through to things that you never even knew existed — we’re looking at the alarm clock which makes you a coffee in time for wake-up — it’s easy to get lost in the pages.

To ensure that you’re not getting trapped in the SSENSE Everything Else category, we’ve streamlined the experience with 10 of the pieces which will be brightening our rooms this winter.

Shop our winter essentials from the SSENSE Everything Else category below.

Dusen Dusen Hepta Bed Set

Arguably the most important environment of all is your bed. A good night’s sleep is the foundation of a good day, and the chances of this bedding making its way to the sofa once or twice are quite high, too.

Boy Smells Cowboy Kush Candle

Candles have experienced something of a renaissance lately, with a handful of labels breaking boundaries and bringing some much-needed fun to the scene. Boy Smells is one of those labels and the Cowboy Kush candle epitomizes the approach.

Okej Squiggle Rug

It’s all in the details. What we mean is that you don’t need a full refurb to make a world of difference to your interiors. Starting with something like a bold rug will change your space in seconds.

Tom Dixon Fire Diffuser

While many opt for visual changes, there’s something to be said for olfactory adjustments as well. This Tom Dixon Diffuser is sure to alter the atmosphere for the better.

Snow Peak Double Wall Mug

A warm beverage usually helps ward off any winter blues, too. This titanium mug from Snow Peak is a flex for your morning coffee.

Stamátios Fragos Wood Table Lamp

The pages of SSENSE Everything Else category are dotted with pieces that will change your perception of household items. Lamps are far from boring in the hands of Stamátios Fragos.

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Parrots Yoga Mat

Inner peace is certainly helped by polishing your interiors, but something like this Loewe yoga mat might help you go the whole way.

Off-White™ Arrow Large Pillow

Truly a visionary creative, Virgil Abloh’s remit had no boundaries whatsoever. This mohair-blend pillow is just as appealing as his luxury offering.

JW Anderson Shearling Chain Loafers

It’s winter, so it’s time to slip into something more comfortable. No, not like a Bond character, more like your grandma. But, at least this pair of lined loafers from JW Anderson allows you to keep at least a touch of elegance.

Joy Resolve Barisieur Tea & Coffee Machine

An invention ready to completely change your life. Make sure you understand how much this alarm clock will do for you because there’s no looking back when you’ve tried it once.

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