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Time is relentless. One minute you’re vibrant and young, and the next, you start to see some wrinkles on your face and finding it troubling not to take the elevator. But not all people age the same way. To the women on our list, the passing of time is nothing but a detail.

When they first came around, they were young girls with a look to die for. But decades after their initial rise to stardom, these actresses, singers, and models look pretty much the same. Old age may be full of challenges, but it’s not so hard when you’re lucky enough to age this flawlessly.

Helen Mirren – Age 75

Not many can flaunt such amazing skin at 75 as Helen Mirren does. We guess that’s where being in such a beauty-conscious and well-paying industry comes in handy. She endorses L’Oréal Paris’s Age Perfect cosmetics line and particularly enjoys their Re-Hydrating Day Cream because moisturization is key.

One of the handful of actresses to have secured the Triple Crown of Acting, Mirren is best known for starring in The Queen, Prime Suspect, and more recently, Hobbs & Shaw. We can also hope to see her play Magdalene Shaw, Grandmère, and Peg in F9, White Bird, and Solos, respectively.