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Being 007 or James Bond does have its perks. There are the fast and exotic cars, ravishing damsels in distress, as well as a host of next-generation gadgets to choose from. While those three are the main focus points on fans wanting to be a part of Ian Fleming’s world, there is also one aspect of 007 that is pretty amazing: the timepieces. More accurately, the iconic luxury watches worn by James Bond.

James Bond has become one of the greatest continually-running film series in history from 1962 until today. His greatest sidekick to date has always been his timepiece; an iconic inclusion into the character that we have come to know and love throughout the years.

Bond has been seen sporting plenty of different watches over the years with Rolex taking up much of the role since the beginning. However, from 1995 onwards, Omega took over as the official watch partner of the series, starting with Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye. Since then, Omega has gone on to strap Bond’s wrist in every movie for both Brosnan as well as the current actor, Daniel Craig.

Unfortunately, like all the other 007s before him, Craig will be in his last James Bond movie come 2020. The 25th title — No Time to Die — will see Craig reprise his role as the titular character for one last time with a new timepiece.

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