The Weekender: How to Become Internet Famous

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Saturday, May 08, 2021

If you had told my dad a decade ago that being an “influencer” would be a full-time career, he’d have scoffed at the idea. Heck, explain it to him now and he’ll still suck his teeth. But if you think about it, who has their finger more securely on the pulse of our ever-changing world than a savvy influencer? In this issue of the Weekender, we follow their lead, offering everything from lifestyle tips and what to eat to the best things to watch. We’ll even help you try life as an influencer yourself. Grab your phone and get set to become internet famous.

Joshua Eferighe, Reporter

1. The feedfeed

This Instagram handle is also a website, where you can find an unbelievable list of recipes organized by ingredient. The best part is they come from different cooks on Instagram, so if you find one you love, following them for more ideas is as easy as a click of a button. Don’t follow @thefeedfeed handle if you’re hungry … or you’ll just get hangry! From creamy ricotta avocado toast to tender beef-topped Bazlama (fluffy Turkish flatbread) with peppers and cracked eggs, it will be hard to keep from salivating. 

2. Beaming Baker

Demeter Trieu is an Asian American food blogger who bakes healthy, vegan, gluten-free and keto pastries that still look like they would send you into cardiac arrest. Her lemon poppy seed muffins look sinfully delicious, and I’m still wrapping my mind around how she got these moist ‘n’ fudgy peanut butter cup brownies to cross over to the healthy side. The Boston resident’s not keeping her recipes secret either — you can find them all in her posts! Before starting the company, her mom was facing severe health issues and was told by doctors if she didn’t change how she ate, things would not get better. Wanting to help her mom, who has a sweet tooth, Beaming Baker was born. 

3. Julia Busuttil Nishimura

This Australian chef’s most recent cookbooks, Ostro and A Year of Simple Family Food, tell you how to make delicious meals for the family through all four seasons. On Instagram, get a preview of her cooking style with special recipes like Sunday’s ravjul, which is basically mouthwatering Maltese ravioli filled with ricotta, parsley and eggs, or her Hobz Biz-Zejt (“bread with oil”), which she tops with olives, capers, tuna, parsley and red onion. Make sure you RSVP to her May 23 online cooking class. 

The newly designed F-150 is purpose-built to be the toughest, most efficient workhorse ever. This is what happens when you merge premium-grade muscle with finely tuned intelligence and design: a beast with brains. Its aluminum-alloy body carries the load with a torture-tested steel frame to help you work smarter and harder.


1. Parental Portal

At 523,000 followers and 2.8 million likes on TikTok, Destini Ann is quickly becoming one of the best resources for free parental advice. Her insights are so good it sometimes feels as though they should come with a bill. A single mother of two and an entrepreneur from Norfolk, Virginia, her venture into the influencer biz is a new one. How did she succeed so quickly? Her content speaks to modern, everyday struggles parents face, and she packages them in a digestible way. Like her bit on disciplining with “related consequences” (ones that relate to the infraction) that went viral, or her post encouraging parents to do things for themselves sometimes to avoid resenting their kids. Raising children is a sacred practice, so do yourself a favor: Pick up a few tricks from Destini this weekend.

2. Dating Dr.

This clinical psychologist is the author of Breakup Recovery: Get Your Ex Back or Get Over Them for Good, as well as host of the podcast Love to Heal With Dr Kim. Kudos if your love life is intact, but Dr. Kim Chronisters TikTok is a treasure trove for those in need of help. She offers advice on everything from mental health to dating. Some of the topics covered include “7 Powerful Ways to Rebuild Trust” and “Why People Lie.” You may never have thought of getting relationship advice from a social media app — why not try?

3. How to Head Wrap

Kiitan Akinniranye is a Nigerian-born travel and lifestyle blogger in Los Angeles who, along with offering an eclectic mix of content across her various platforms, teaches the art of tying head wraps on TikTok. She shares where to buy the best fabric and offers clear instructions and follow-up tutorials. As the creator and owner of Atarah Avenue, an online shop for head wraps, Akinniranye is an expert on all things cultural and trendy. 

1. La’Ron Hines

This weekend, tune in to this 19-year-old’s viral TikTok routine called “Are You Smarter Than a Preschooler?” Interviewing children from his mom and dad’s day care center, the Mississippi native asks questions like “where’s Africa?,” “what does a plant need to grow?” and “are you smart?,” eliciting hilarious answers. JaBria McCullum, Hines’ 5-year-old godsister and a regular in his TikTok videos, has already launched a career in her own right, after what began as a fun way to pass time during quarantine led to unquenchable online demand. Not only has Beyoncé sent Hines a box full of Ivy Park clothing, the act was also asked to appear at the 2021 Golden Globes last month.

2. Druski

This 26-year-old Atlanta native has made the world laugh with his ridiculous skits. Check out his impersonations for every type of person, from frat boys to cheer moms, which he nails every time. He’s gone viral so often that he has landed deals with P. Diddy and Revolt TV, Call of Duty and cameos with Drake. One of his hottest bits right now? An Instagram-hosted talent show called “Coulda Been Records,” where he invites followers to showcase their talent but makes fun of them instead. Mark my word, Druski just might be the next big thing in comedy.

3. Zahra Hashimee

Check out muslimthicc on TikTok and you’ll find a 21-year-old Muslim girl named Zahra Hashimee, who, in full hijab, makes hilarious content on everything from skin care and beauty to jokes addressing misconceptions about her faith. Her bit on the fasting month of Ramadan will crack you up, as will her explanation of how she cuts her hair. With 3 million followers and 107 million-plus likes, it’s no surprise she’s been tapped to help advertise Walmart and TikTok’s new collaboration.

1. Ring Light

Inspired to try life as an influencer yourself? This ring light is just what you need. It offers an adjustable tripod stand, phone mount and microphone. Whether you’re a teacher giving math tips or a model showing off the latest looks, this light will take you there.

2. The Sero

If you’re going to take influencing seriously, you might as well go big with Samsung’s Sero HDR Smart TV. It allows users to chat with friends, stream to followers and create new content as its 43-inch, 4K screen automatically turns to match your phone in both portrait and landscape modes. It’ll even mirror the content on your phone to the TV and comes with multiple voice assistants to make streaming easier. You won’t find a more seamless extension for your social life.  

3. 360 Camera

A camera is an obvious investment when it comes to the influencer lifestyle. What might not be simple, however, is which camera to buy. Well this 360 lens from Samsung is a must, not only because of its aerial display, but because you can take it almost anywhere thanks to its compact size. Cue life as an influencer, whether it’s in the studio, or in the woods.

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