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Your time is your most valuable resource and with more and more airlines reporting delays or cancellations, air travel is becoming challenging. Whether it’s work or play, owning a helicopter can not only transform your business, but get you jetting off to your next adventure sooner.

According to Bell Regional Sales Manager Ben Lassiter, the buying process starts with “defining your mission.” Deciding what your main purpose is for your aircraft can help you design the perfect helicopter to meet your performance expectations.
Once you define your mission, the journey can begin. Here’s why a helicopter should be your next major purchase.

Convenience: Unlike a fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters enjoy runway independence and aren’t limited to just an airport. It’s not uncommon for owners to park their helicopters in their own backyard to save time and energy.

“We’ve even had one customer who ended up storing his helicopter in a two-story garage on his property,” says Lassiter. “It wasn’t originally designed to hold one, but his helicopter can fit into small and confined tight spaces.”

The Best Accessory: Just like a luxury car, your helicopter can be customized to fit your needs. From the seating options to enhanced accessories to the color schemes. Your space will not only be luxurious for you and your passengers inside and out, but comfortable for a smooth ride.

Award-Winning Customer Service: The team at Bell is there to guide you through the buying process and offer you resources for any questions you may have.

“What I was expecting was the salesman, and what I got was probably one of the most accomplished aviators I’ve ever met,” says Bell 429 owner Christian Palmaz of his sales representative Greg Maitlen. “Bell’s full of people like that. There’s a lot of very accomplished pilots and aviators and engineers that are a phone call away.”