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The UAE has some good news, and right in time for the travel season! The country has decided to lift the last of its travel restrictions to make entry into the country as easy as it was in the pre-pandemic era. 

The UAE on Sunday announced that it was easing its travel restrictions that had been put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Till now, the Arab nation has been slowly opening up travel, but now, starting November 7, all entry requirements have been lifted.

UAE eases travel restrictions

Earlier, those entering the country were expected to provide a proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test result that was taken within 48 hours of their entry into the country. Now, those entering Dubai, specifically, need not provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. Those transiting through Dubai only need to have the necessary transit documents with them. For other parts of the UAE, travel restrictions are based on the visitor’s vaccination status and the emirate they’re flying into, when entering the country.

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This is not all. The Al Hosn app will now only be used to present proof of vaccination and for test results inside and outside the country. The green pass on the app is no longer a requirement to be able to enter public spaces and facilities, reports add.

What’s more, the requirement of a negative PCR test is also lifted on those attending or participating in sporting events. An addition to the relaxations is that masks are no longer mandatory in public spaces – all open and closed spaces, including places of worship. However, health facilities still require masks to be worn, especially by those categories as ‘people of determination’. Also, in case you test positive for the virus, you will still be required to isolate.

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