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The political news you need to know, in 10 minutes or less. Hosted by David Chalian.

  • The Supreme Court Saves Obamacare… Again

    Today, the majority conservative Supreme Court dismissed a Republican led challenge to the Affordable Care Act. David Chalian explains the significance of the Supreme Court’s decision and why it’s a huge win for Democrats. Plus, promising progress on infrastructure negotiations as Senators from both sides show their support. Finally, Senator Joe Manchin is offering new life to the fight for voting rights, with proposals that have been endorsed by Democrat Stacey Abrams.

  • The Summit We Were All Waiting For

    After weeks of build-up, the summit we’ve all been waiting for went… pretty well. Marking the historic end to President Biden’s first international trip, he and President Putin sat down for roughly three hours and hashed out what lies ahead in the critical relationship between these two powerful nations. David Chalian breaks down what both leaders discussed and the clear lines each leader drew about expectations going forward. 

  • The Putin Summit is Finally Here

    After years behind the scenes of American foreign policy, President Biden will at last be meeting Vladimir Putin as commander-in-chief… and he has a lot of work to do to make sure he doesn’t hand the Russian president a victory. David Chalian walks us through what we can expect from the meeting between the two leaders, plus a bombshell set of emails offers a behind the scenes look at how former President Trump tried to orchestrate the Big Lie within the Justice Department. And finally, Mitch MShow morecConnell says that if the GOP win back the senate, he may block possible Supreme Court nominees in the last years of Biden’s term.

  • Biden’s Message for Putin

    Today in Brussels, President Biden took a very different approach to the NATO alliance than his predecessor… and promises to handle meeting Vladimir Putin differently as well. David Chalian dives into how Biden is showcasing his world view on the world stage, plus, signs of life in the infrastructure deal on Capitol Hill as Democrats indicate possible interest in the latest GOP proposal. And finally, the political ramifications of the Justice Department secretly collecting data of former PresiShow moredent Trump’s perceived political enemies.

  • The Real-Life Cracks in America’s Infrastructure

    As the President and Congress go back and forth over a massive infrastructure bill and how to pay for it, one major bridge in Memphis, Tennessee is literally crumbling. In this episode, CNN Correspondent Pete Muntean walks us through what is actually happening with the country’s infrastructure, how that bridge in Memphis is proof of a failing system, and what Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg thinks can be done to fix it. 

  • The ‘Special Relationship’ Gets Personal

    Today, President Biden sat down with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the first time since taking office. Kristen Holmes explores their tense personal history as both leaders look to revamp US-UK relations. Plus, President Biden announces a plan to donate 500 million vaccine doses to the rest of the world and Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments on Hamas, Israel, and the US divide Democrats.

  • Cicadas Get a Front Row Seat to History

    Today President Biden sets off on his much anticipated first international trip. Kristen Holmes explores what Biden’s goals for the trip are and how he plans to confront Russian President Putin. Plus, while the president is on the international stage, his domestic agenda is in serious trouble. And finally, cicadas have invaded everything, including our politics.

  • The Battle For the Soul of the Nation

    A bipartisan Senate report on the January 6th insurrection gives new details about what law enforcement knew leading up to the riot… but politics get in the way of some key conclusions. Kristen Holmes walks us through what that says about hopes for cooperation on Capitol Hill, plus how former Presidents Obama and Trump represent the battle being fought for the soul of our nation. And finally, Vice President Kamala Harris’ immigration task is getting even more challenging as she faces incoming Show morefrom both sides.

  • Joe Manchin vs. the Democratic Party

    Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia makes things crystal clear: He will not support the For the People Act and won’t abolish the filibuster. Kristen Holmes walks us through how his views clash with an impatient Democratic party as well as how former President Trump’s return to the spotlight continues to put democracy under fire. And finally, another weekend of deadly gun violence highlights stalled legislation on Capitol Hill.

  • High Stakes and Handshakes

    Next week, President Biden heads off on his first international trip as President of the United States and the stakes couldn’t be higher. CNN White House Correspondent Phil Mattingly walks us through what we can expect during Biden’s time abroad, how he plans to navigate reengaging with allies, and the all-important summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.