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In her first solo interview since entering her relationship with the Amazon founder, Lauren Sánchez reveals what life has been like since becoming a part of one of the richest, most philanthropic couples in the world.

Lauren Sánchez, born to a second-generation Mexican-American family in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has wanted to be a journalist since she was young. However, being undiagnosed with dyslexia hindered her studies.

When she left home at 18 to become a flight attendant in Los Angeles, they told her she was too heavy. But she didn’t let this setback stop her from flying, as she set her eyes on becoming a pilot instead.

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She eventually got to break into the entertainment world, becoming an Emmy-award winning journalist, anchor, and host for various media outlets.

In 2011, Sánchez finally signed up for flight school and became a licensed pilot of airplanes and helicopters. During her interview with WSJ Magazine, she says that she often flies Bezos and their families around the world.

She also founded Black Ops Aviation in 2016. It’s one of the first female-owned aerial film and production companies, focusing on film and television projects. “I don’t know why more women don’t do it,” Sánchez says.

This year, Sánchez is planning to release her first children’s book, Flynn, The Fly Who Flew. She says that the idea came to her when there was a fly in one of her helicopter rides. The story follows the hero, Flynn, as he travels around the world before reuniting with his family.

“I hope that a reader, especially children, will see that if you wander and explore, you never know what you’ll discover. You shouldn’t stay in one place. Don’t be typical,” says Sánchez about the message of her story.

But out of all her upcoming plans, Sánchez is particularly excited about heading an all-female mission to outer space. She’ll be flying with Bezos’ aerospace company, Blue Origin, and is planning to take off by early 2024.

“It’s going to be women who are making a difference in the world and who are impactful and have a message to send,” she says on the project and the women who’ll be joining her.

Aside from flying, Sánchez is also immersing herself in philanthropy and strategic giving. She’s currently the vice chair of the Bezos Earth Fund and is also involved with This Is About Humanity, an organization that provides support for families separated at the US-Mexico border.

Last November 2022, she and Bezos presented Dolly Parton with the Award for Courage & Civility, including a $100 million grant which Parton could distribute to any charities of her choosing.

Sánchez describes the recipients of this award as “People who have the courage to make change in the world but do it with civility.”

In a reality full of negativity and conflict, the power couple believes that “Civility is what’s missing in the world right now,” and that’s what they’re choosing to honor.

Banner photo via Instagram @laurenwsanchez.