The Perrier x Murakami collaboration will help you stay hydrated this festive season

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Hydration seems to be the answer to all of life’s woes.

That woman’s amazing skin? It’s just water. Got a sore throat? Drink more water. Feeling sluggish and unmotivated? Well, how much water have you had today?

If your new year’s resolution is to be adequately hydrated at all times, here’s something that might help. Perrier, which sources its carbonated water from a spring in Vergèze, France, has partnered with Takashi Murakami for a collection of glass bottles, PET bottles and cans that feature the mega artist’s iconic emblems such as smiling flowers, as well as Kaikai and Kiki, his quirky pair of anime characters.

We love how Murakami’s joyful designs can uplift a table setting — which is exactly what we all need for the upcoming not-so-normal Chinese New Year celebrations — and make you think twice about throwing them out mindlessly. Refill and reuse!

The French water brand has collaborated with artists long before it was trendy. Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Bernard Villemot, Raymond Savignac, Jean Carlu and Jean-Gabriel Domergue are amongst the big names Perrier has worked with to create trailblazing posters and artworks. “Takashi Murakami is one of the most prominent contemporary living artists in the world. He has succeeded in creating art that is both accessible and deeply considered, with a flair for what is most fresh and most pertinent to the widest audience,” says Paul Cordina, Global Communications Manager at Perrier, of the latest tie-up.

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The premium Perrier x Murakami screen printed glass bottles are available at Hoshino Coffee and Café Coco. The Original range in classic glass, PET bottles and cans are sold at all major supermarkets as well as selected cafes and restaurants.

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