The most stunning bridal jewellery to dazzle on your wedding day

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Tim Verhallen

‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ is a wedding day rhyme brides have followed for centuries. You could, of course, honour your family heritage with ‘something old’, or choose a spectacular vintage piece that whispers your name. ‘Something new’, well, that speaks for itself, while ‘something borrowed’ typically means incorporating an item belonging to a family member or close friend for good luck. Or, as in this edit, a standout vintage piece available for hire by the day (tiaras too). And ‘something blue’, historically said to symbolise fidelity and purity, can only be a glamorous line-up of sapphires, aquamarines and Paraíba tourmalines. While abiding by the list certainly isn’t a requirement for a happy marriage, it can be a meaningful way to incorporate cherished people, objects and memories into your special day… or just the chance to start your very own collection of covetable jewellery.


    Van Cleef & Arpels 1970s ‘Dome’ diamond earrings, £29,500,

  • Kutchinsky diamond floral scroll clip brooch, POA,

  • Aquamarine and diamond drop earrings, £12,750,

  • Art Deco Oscar Heyman necklet, £37,420,

  • Edwardian platinum fancy diamond drop earrings, £16,750,


    ‘Nudo’ classic diamond and topaz ring, £3,900,

  • Precious lace mini ‘frou-frou’ bracelet, from CHF16,540 (approx £13,027),

  • ‘Dewdrop’ diamond necklace, £3,850,

  • ‘Fanfare’ classic diamond and mother of pearl earrings, £16,000,

  • Diamond ‘Ruban’ necklace, £6,600,

  • ‘Aurora’ pearl and diamond earring, £28,600,

  • ‘Tilda’s Bow’ diamond necklace, £77,500,

  • ‘Foundations’ round single drop earrings, £1,180,

  • Diamond ‘Halo’ necklace, £34,250,

  • ‘Fiorever’ diamond bracelet, £48,900,

  • ‘Multi-Créoles Gatsby’ diamond earrings, £1,910,

  • ‘Oui’ yellow gold and diamond ring, £1,550,


    Givenchy vintage six strand pearl necklace, £85,

  • Art Deco style chandelier drop earrings, £8,300,

  • E. Wolfe & Co ‘Stunning En Tremblant’ diamond floral tiara, £95,000,


    ‘Berlin’ blue tourmaline ring, £4,500,

  • ‘Magic Alhambra’ agate long necklace, £5,500,

  • ‘Deep Passion’ sapphire and diamond ring, £7,096.50,

  • ‘Atlantic Blue Paraiba’ tourmaline earrings, POA,

  • ‘Sparkling Cluster’ sapphire, aquamarine and diamond bracelet, POA,

  • ‘Wallace Paraíba’ tourmaline earrings, POA,

  • ‘Piaget Sunlight’ diamond and sapphire necklace, £21,200,

  • ‘Trilogy’ emerald aquamarine ring, from £2,100,

  • ‘Marguerite’ diamond and tanzanite ear pins, £9,900,

  • ‘Miss Daisy’ sapphire double flower ring, £7,500,

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