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A woman who claims to be ‘the most followed air hostess in the world’ has slammed ‘jealous’ trolls who accuse her of editing her photos. 

Laura D’amore from Catania, Italy, has been working as an air hostess for 13 years after leaving her job as a teacher for the skies. 

Over the last couple of years she has racked up an impressive Instagram following of 666,000 people, regularly posting photos of herself dressed up in her work attire and bikini snaps from her sun-drenched home town. 

The 37-year-old travels on several routes across Europe and is regularly recognised by fans in the air.

“At work, there is constant professionalism, but being a beautiful girl means it’s inevitable that you’ll receive attention from men,” Laura said.

“Some people I encounter at work say I look even better face-to-face than I do on Instagram.”

Air hostess posing on the beach in a pink bikini.
Laura updates her Instagram followers with bikini pics and photos from the air. Photo: Caters

While she said that the majority of her followers are respectful, she has received some questionable DMs from men who expect her to respond to them. 

“I have a boyfriend. He’s proud of what I’ve achieved so I don’t think he minds the situation too much,” she said. 

Laura also has to deal with people accusing her of editing her photos on Photoshop “because they can’t believe that I look like that”.

Her favourite part of the job is waking up in a new city but she admits that it’s hard to be away from home. 

Woman in a white string top eating pasta
She’ll soon be switching her role as an air hostess for the silver screen. Photo: Caters

While she loves her job, Laura has now decided to venture into the world of entertainment. 

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