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We don’t need much of an excuse to pop open a bottle of bubbly any day of the week, but with today being Global Champagne Day, we’re more than willing to be dutiful citizens and do our part.

As with any wine, however, there are subtle differences, with each of us having our own preferences. I’ve rounded up eight great champagnes – one in every category, so everyone can find their perfect partner.

  • Brut Nature  Also known as zero dosage this style is secretly referred to as the supermodels choice as it sees no added...

    Brut Nature

    Also known as zero dosage, this style is secretly referred to as the ‘supermodel’s choice’ as it sees no added sugar (dosage) to the final wine. As such these wines are bone dry and can often be aggressively tart and crisp. This bottle from Drappier, however, is delightfully drinkable.

    Founded in 1808, it is still family owned and was the house of choice for Charles de Gaulle. It also boasts the title of being the first carbon neutral Champagne brand. Coming from the Côte des Bar in the southernmost region in Champagne, helping with the grapes’ ripeness levels, it has notes of red apple, black table grapes, mandarin, honey and brioche.

  • Vintage

    Despite another well-known Champagne being the lead in modern day Bond films, it is actually Taittinger that is mentioned in the books, and was the favourite of creator Ian Fleming. A private letter sent by Fleming to Monsieur Taittinger in April 1963 ends with him congratulating the house on ‘producing the finest champagne in the world’.

    While usually well known for its fruity, floral, delicate style, this 2014 vintage shows the sophisticated depth that the house can create. Lashings of toast and brioche immediately rise, thanks to the six years on lees, followed by notes of peach, apple, ripe lemon and florals.

  • Blanc de Blancs – Ayala

    Made only with Chardonnay grapes, Blanc de Blancs is often seen as the most elegant expression of Champagne. This one comes from the house which pioneered the production of ‘dry’ champagnes at a time when it was the done thing for them to be sweet.

    In fact, it was the British appetite for drier styles that overhauled thinking and led the French to produce what we know now of as ‘brut’. Remarkably fresh and vibrant on the palate with flavours of green apple, white peach, pear, white flowers and toasted almonds. It finishes with a lovely minerality and feels very structured throughout.

  • Blanc de Noirs

    The juice of a grape is clear, making it possible to produce a white wine from black grapes – hence blanc de noirs – in this case it’s with Pinot Noir. Classed as one of the 24 Grande Marques, Bollinger is a wine that needs little introduction. Known for its full-bodied style of Champagne they are the only house in the region to have a resident cooper looking after their 4,000 barrels.

    A new wine for the brand, only its second year of release, it has characteristics of red cherry, red apple peel, quince and hazelnut. With 50 per cent of the wine vinified in oak, it has the Bollinger richness with a creamy, round mouthfeel.

  • Rosé

    Orange-salmon in colour, this rosé comes from a small grower in one of only 17 Grand Cru vineyards in the region. So small is the production that 90 per cent of it sold in France, meaning that this is a bit of a hidden gem.

    Made using a blend of white base wine, from all three Champagne grapes, and then a separately vinified red wine, which is 100 per cent Pinot Noir, this wine has real red fruit characteristics. It has good energy and vibrancy throughout with notes of red berry, redcurrant, red apple, pink grapefruit and dough.

  • Premium Cuvee

    Perhaps best known for their rosé, this cuvee proves that the house does quality across the board. Starting when Monsieur Billecart and Mademoiselle Salmon married, this brand is still family-run and recently celebrated its 200th anniversary.

    This wine, created and named in tribute to the house’s founder, is a blend of both Chardonnay and Pinot, with a small percentage of the wine vinified in old oak barrels – helping to add texture and broadness rather than taste. A layered palate of malt, orchard fruits and lemon curd with a savoury finish, this is a serious Champagne that is resolutely confident in what it has to offer without being flamboyant.

  • NV

    A relative newcomer on the scene as far as Champagne goes, founded in 1991, the house is now run by three brothers. Their beginnings, however, stretch much further back, with their father Francois Legras’ family having grown grapes in the region for over four centuries.

    This well put together wine has green apple, mirabelle plum and apricot characteristics with a hint of caramel, and is exactly what you want from a non-vintage Champagne – a perfect all-rounder.

  • Demi-Sec

    This brand originally started life known as Heidsieck & Cie, with the entrepreneurial Florens-Louis Heidsieck knowing that in order to gain great publicity, his wines needed to be seen by the right people. As such, he presented some to Queen Marie Antionette, who loved it so much she became their first ambassador.

    Once it became Piper-Heidsieck, it continued to gain favour in the right circles, with the queen of the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe, stating, ‘I start every day with a glass of Piper-Heidsieck because it warms me up.’ Flavours of tropical fruits, candied citrus, pear, caramel and vanilla. This is sweet but with good acidity to keep it from being cloying.

    Visit the Global Champagne Day website for more information and events happening near you

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