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And, as far as the future goes, what does it entail for Gyllenhaal? More acting or directing? ‘I think after having had this just massive scope and the space to offer other people this freedom, it’s so hard for me to think about going back to acting.’ She admits: ‘I love acting but so often, as an actress, I’ve had to compromise so much. But as a director, it’s just so much fuller, it’s so much freer.’

Gyllenhaal won’t be directing another Ferrante book as her next project right away – she’s exploring something different entirely. ‘There’s another idea I have, which would, full disclosure, star my husband, and it is much more through the mind of a man,’ she explains. ‘I think it has to be different and I think it can’t be Ferrante again, just because I need to shift focus a little bit.’

For now, however, The Lost Daughter is scooping nominations and awards left, right and centre. It started well when Gyllenhaal won Best Screenplay at Venice which has just been the start of a gold haul. All the more thrilling when you realise it was only in Venice’s infamous Sala Grande earlier this year that Gyllenhaal saw a live audience react to her film for the first time (owing to the restrictions brought on by the pandemic). Whatever Gyllenhaal is ready to create next, we’re ready.

The Lost Daughter is out in cinemas on 17 December and will be available to stream on Netflix on 31 December.

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