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With so many VTL locations to choose from these days, where are you planning your next trip?

We’re making a case for Hawaii, the tropical western state and archipelago located some 3,200km from the U.S. mainland.

“It doesn’t matter the time of the year or the reason, going to visit Hawaii will always be an amazing experience. There are some amazing beaches and outdoor hikes and experiences which you may only truly find in in Hawaii.The people are also truly special; there are very few places that you have everyone saying hi to each other and showing what we call ‘Aloha’, giving without expecting anything in return,” says chef de cuisine Jordan Keao.

Chef Jordan Keao, for those who aren’t familiar, recently joined Butcher’s Block earlier this year as Chef de cuisine, bringing with him close to two decades of culinary experience across top restaurants, including a name familiar to locals here: Burnt Ends.

His rendition of woodfire gastronomy at Butcher’s Block presents a new menu to diners, but the style of cooking isn’t something that’s out of the norm for the Hawaii-born chef. “Wood-fire grilling is a way of living and cooking in Hawaii which gives chefs the opportunity to test different techniques for different ingredients, and to achieve a range of flavours and textures.”

Chef de Cuisine Jordan Keao
Chef de Cuisine Jordan Keao of Butcher’s Block (Image credit: Raffles Hotel Singapore)

It’s safe to say that we’re obsessed with food, and having good dining experiences whilst on a trip can really make or break a holiday. Yet, what makes food scene there so special? According to chef Jordan, “Hawaii’s food scene is special because of all the cultures and people that have lived in Hawaii in the last 200-300 years. This local mix of Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, Chinese, Samoan, and Hawaiian, is evident and reflected in the diverse tastes, ingredients, and styles of cooking that one can expect from Hawaiian cuisine. Blended with its diverse history, the result is food that is unique to this place in the world while yet with elements that you may find familiar in your local hometown.”

We don’t know about you, but that sounds delicious already.

Here’s everywhere to wine and dine in Hawaii, according to Butcher’s Block’s chef Jordan Keao.

(Hero and featured image credit: Raffles Hotel Singapore)

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