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Bill Hader returns for the final season of Emmy-nominated HBO series Barry

The premise of a hitman-turned-actor doesn’t sound like Emmy material, or at least it didn’t until Barry came along. Now, three seasons and 44 Emmy nominations later, the hit HBO series is set for its final curtain call as the fourth season is set to premiere on April 17.

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HBO’s Barry: what to expect from Season 4 and why it’s ending 

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“It’s been an amazing journey making this show, and it’s bittersweet that the story has come to its natural conclusion,” said Bill Hader, who plays the titular character and is also the show’s co-creator, executive producer, and also sometimes serves as director. 

The fourth season had apparently been rewritten even before the third season was filmed because production had shut down due to Covid. Talking to Variety, Hader said that he and co-creator Alec Berg realised “a very clear ending presented itself,” and so they decided that Season 4 would be the show’s final one. 

The show started with hitman Barry Berkman suddenly being drawn to acting. He tries leaving his murderous life behind but that proves quite tricky. At the end of Season 3, his mentor, acting coach, and friend, Gene Cousineau, turns him over to the police, finally getting revenge on Barry for killing his girlfriend. The fourth season sees Barry behind bars, but even in prison, it seems that his past still won’t let go of him.

Watch the first trailer for Barry’s fourth season below. 

Season 4 premieres on April 17 on HBO GO. You can watch the firs three seasons now.